What is Cydia and How Cydia Works in Jailbreak?

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holding a jailbreak iPhone ready to apply cydia on it

Most of the iPhone Users Go for an option for having applications that are not listed on the Official App Store of Apple. It really makes anyone annoyed when you want to install your favorite apps, but those are not available for your iPhone.

So for that purpose, Cydia is a great option where we’ll have an actual control on your Phone and all the customizations of your phone, All there you install all the Themes, apps, and a lot of stuff that you can randomly choose your Home screen and Get customize your apps very easily.

In this article, I will be sharing the Very good technique with how the Cydia actually works and What you can do with Cydia, and what are the perks you can enjoy after Installing the Cydia.

Defining Cydia

Cydia is an Appstore that is not trusted by Apple, and Apple does not like it as Cydia offers the iPhone users install a variety of apps on it without being tensed of not finding the apps on the Appstore.

Customizing your Phone’s Settings and Themes and many things as well. It’s actually a 3rd party app. And can be directly and indirectly installed on your device after you have jailbroken your iPhone, which means It only works after an iPhone has been jailbroken.

How to Get Cydia

Well using the Cydia requires The Following Things

  • Literally First of all an IPhone
  • For-first Backup your Data
  • A Rooted or jailbroken IOS system
  • A strong internet connection

Methods of Getting Cydia

There are a number of methods by which you can get Cydia installed on your phone and enjoy the perks of installing as many apps as you want. Some of them are discussed here with you guys, here check the list.

Using the Zeon Reoextractor

I tell you that you can actually get Cydia by this method and browse your favorite Software on the Store.

Using the IOS 14.3++

Installing the IOS 14.3 is like a direct method of getting Cydia.

Just follow these simple steps to install Cydia on your IPhone.

  • Install the Zeon on Your Device
  • Now open main menu and paste the URL in the extractor and let it complete
  • Now Have the Cydia app you were craving, install it anyway on your phone by downloading it and use it
  • Install Cydia by going to the profile downloaded option in phone settings and use it.

Using the IOS 14.3++

Installing the IOS 14.3 is like a direct method of getting Cydia.

Flexible devices

It works with all the Apple products starting from IPhone SE to 11

Following the simple steps one can install Cydia right way into his Apple Phone

  • Download the IOS 14.3++ for your Device from the internet and Install It.
  • Search for “ZeonJb” on the home screen of this app
  • After sometime on the main menu of this app Cydia shows up there.

The Cydia Tweaks

Cydia tweaks are the functions of the Cydia App Store that help you to change your iPhone completely, you can just change your iPhone and customize everything in your phone like the android users do, for this purpose you need to first jailbreak your phone and Grab Cydia on your phone.

List of the Best Cydia tweaks

This is the best Cydia tweaks that can help you do better with your iPhone

  • Power Down
  • Auxo 3
  • Colour Badges
  • Smooth Cursor
  • Flame Jailbreak for iOS 13
  • AVLock
  • AppDrawer
  • Home Gesture

How these tweaks work?

Cydia tweaks work by modifying the system abilities to work more efficiently, like modifying the power options, modifying the toggles and adding more there and rearranging them, having more themes, customizing more your icons by changing their shapes, or even a better you can do multitasking with these tweaks.

Using the Cydia impactor

Cydia impactor opened on a jailbreak iphone

Cydia impactor is a tool that helps you to install any app with an extension.IPA, it is just like installing the .apk files on android. But here it’s a tricky way to do that and it requires a tool which we will discuss here known As Cydia Impactor

Defining Cydia Impactor

A graphical user interface, which is used to install IPA apps on the iPhone is called Cydia. It requires to be installed on Windows, MAC, or Linux for installing the 3rd party apps to be installed into your iPhone.

Methods to use the Cydia impactor

There are two methods to install the .IPA apps to your iPhone


In this method, we will install the IPA apps, by first disabling the 2-factor authorization of our iPhone, so it’s better to disable the 2-factor authorization on your iPhone. To install apps with this method you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Grab the Cydia impactor, the iTunes, and those IPA files that you want to transfer to iPhone, download and install the Cydia impactor and iTunes on a MAC or windows. (Always be sure that both are of the latest versions)
  • Open the impactor and connect the iPhone with the Windows or MAC you’re using
  • Now there are two ways by which you can copy the files to your iPhone, 1st: Simple Drag it, 2nd: Click on the install packages and open your file and transfer it
  • Now a popup message will be shown, and it will ask you for the login credentials give it your apple credentials, and log in.
  • The app will be shown on the Home screen, but one last thing is still yet to be completed that makes it a trusty app by going to the profiles in settings and trusting the app you have transferred to your phone.
  • Now you can use your app, coz it’s trusted


The second method includes here when you have not disabled the 2-factor authorization for your iPhone and you do it by going to the apple website, for this step follow these simple and short steps

  • First of all open a browser on windows and go to the sign-in page of apple id and sign in to your account
  • Select “app-specific password’’ create a name like you are installing a wallpaper IPA app, so create the name Wallpaper and set a password.

Why Do You Need to Do This?

You need to do this because it helps you to trust the app by the apple

  • After creating the file name a password will be created for you to copy it and follow the steps in method one till it asks for the Login Id and password, there you have to use this password.
  • Now again go to the settings to get trust you IPA file

Final Verdict about Cydia

In short, Cydia is actually an acceptable thing that allows you to customize your phone, modify the apps, your icons, themes, your power sliders, phone call menu, and many other features.

It’s a Flexible, reliable, and easy way to Perform lock tasks. So one must have the Cydia app if they want to have all the perks of using a modified iPhone and enjoy the dazzling features. Before doing that give a read to the cons & Pros of Jailbreaking.

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