How to update android version – Manually Updating OS Versions

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Step by step instructions to keep mobile's android version up-to-date

The latest android version brings a lot of new features so to update your android phone version it is necessary. One of the main reasons to update your version is that the new version closes all the tricks. It reduces the chance of hacking. That’s why it is very important.

Why it is necessary to update Android OS

  • The process is very easy to update your android version. There is no need for rocket science to do it. One of the best options is to turn on auto-update features. If you don’t want to turn it on then go to settings then tap on “About phone” then update the android version.
  • The new version brings new features and it is one of the most important things because you are tired of using old features and when you get a new one you feel good to use it.
  • The new update does not give you new toggles, icons, and wallpaper, etc. it gives you better security. Hackers or cybercriminals fail to access your data. When you update your phone software version, chances to hack or steal your data or info become diminished. So always keep your phone up to date with new versions, remove all the leaks and patches, that’s why updating your software is important.
  • Better device performance – when you update your device it removes all the errors and bugs makes your device run smoothly. Bugs usually slow down your device so a new update removes all such types of problems.

Procedure to update your Android OS

Updating your Android OS is the need of users. In many androids, you will see the notification of the update. You can also check the system update in setting for this Go to Settings then tap on about Phone. Here you can see whether your device is up to date or not. If you see the new update then tap on this to update your phone.

Keep following points in mind before updating your phone

  1. Backup all your data it includes your photos, videos, documents, etc
  2. You have an adequate battery for this or connect it to the charger.
  3. Delete unwanted apps or data because this process requires phone memory.
  4. You have Unlimited data WIFI or Mobile data plan.
  5. If your phone has no storage capacity then transfer some files from Phone storage to an SD card.

After doing all the above steps, proceed to download the new version. For this, check your System version

  • Ensure Internet Connectivity
How to update android version Step 1
  • Go to “System setting”
How to update android version Step 2
  • Select the option “Advanced setting”
  • Go to “About Phone”
How to update android version Step 3
  • Scroll Down you will see the Option “Android Version”
How to update android version Step 4
  • If you see any new update here Then Tap on that.
How to update android version Step 5
  • Wait for a while after sometimes your device versions will be up to date.

Latest Android version notification

If you see no update on your setting, it means that your system software is up to date. When android launches the new software version, you will get a notification of a new update. You will update your device after repeating the above procedures.

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