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Ultimate Guide to the iCloud

Technology favors humanity and their way of living in every manner. We cherish our lives with every day newly launched features by the tech town companies.

Many of us have problems saving our personal data tho we have no enough storage in our mobile to save our pictures and videos for years. iCloud is providing the facility to save our memories in online drive. Specially introduced for IOS users.

Saving the data forever for IOS device

The internet has made our data much secure and easy to access, not like that in the old days. I remember just 10 years from now we used to store data in form of memory cards or prefer to buying phones that have more storage. But now you can store your data for longer you want on the internet storage drive.

The Internet Drive

Memory cards were in those days and we needed to make very sure that we do not lose our memory card at any cost because the data was more precious than the card itself. But the revolution in the history of computers and the internet has blessed us with an extraordinary feature which we called the “Internet drive”.

It varies according to the device we use; on my Samsung, it is known as Samsung cloud. Google has the google drive, windows phones or Unix systems have the ‘One Drive’   

The iCloud Service

iPhone launched a similar service for its users and it is known as “iCloud” it is like a digital storing device and it costs almost nothing up to a certain space. Free up your iPhone space.

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Advantages of iCloud

There are a number of advantages of e-drive or the iCloud service. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the most convenient and the secure service; we can save our files like the texts, documents, data, and pictures, and videos on this virtual space and access them just using the drive authentication information used to sign in to your account.

This article is based on iCloud service, the complete guide to set up the iCloud on our device.

How to Setup iCloud

Follow this simple procedure to set your iPhone to backup to the iCloud directly and be free from all the worries of losing your data again.

The Backing up Process

From setting please set up the backup. For this purpose I suggest scroll though the settings toward the iCloud, tap it and then click on “Backup Now”. The device will start backing up all the information like the messages, the call, logs, the, pictures, videos, the app settings and any other information that you used to customize your Iphone.

 Now our iPhone is ready to backup and will start backing up all the settings of our phone. We can confirm if our backup is done or not by going to the iCloud button in settings and there in the recent backups will be our things

The Restoring Process

After backing up all the data, we can use it anytime and restore it on any other device. Simply we can use this backup on another device by signing in using the apple account and then go to the iCloud option.

After that chose the backup we want to restore and we will get all the settings and apps that were on our previous phone. If we have updated our phone or reset our phone then we can also use this feature to get all the settings and apps.

The frequently asked questions

Yes, iPhone backups and Restores can cause disruptions and causes much inconvenience, here we will discuss a number of problems that are asked by the customers and mainly focus on the biggest issue faced by the users.

 One of the major issues that are severely faced by the iPhone users is the message they get when they update the iOS or reset/restore their phone; iPhone Stucks on “updating iCloud settings”

Yeah! It is quite normal that we get this message because it is a bug and be resolved very easily.

What to do if iCloud drive upgrading stuck?

Your new iPhone 11 stuck on updating iCloud settings? Then you can do check the following things and see the causes. It can be annoying but can be solved very easily.

When we restore our device and it does not go to the home screen it is quite annoying; we can do the following things to fix this. Following tips, you can follow if iCloud is taking too long or stuck.

The simple tricks

  1. Try and shut down the iPhone and reboot it. If this isn’t able to perform; force your iPhone to reboot.
  2. Check that if our internet connection is weak; so I would suggest that try and use an excellent internet connection.
  3. Try to check that there are no restrictions on the Network; if there is some then remove them and again see if the problem is resolved
  4. See the linkage between the servers is perfect if not then this might be because the apple servers may be down and this may be fixed just by waiting a day or two.
  5. We can do the iCloud settings after we have set up our phone and then manually install and restore all the data from the settings.
  6. Check the storage settings.
  7. Try using a cellular network instead of WI-FI
  8. Contact Apple store online or visit them directly

How long does it take the iCloud to update?

Updating the iCloud does not take much time, but if it is not moving forward from the screen of updating iCloud settings; then we can check the possible causes of this happening. We can check all the possible errors and can sort the things out to check why iPhone stuck on iCloud updating settings.

How long does updating iCloud settings take?

The iCloud settings update when we restore our iPhone or just restore all our data after a hard reset. This will ensure that we get all the recommended features of the iCloud without any kind of inconvenience. The “updating iCloud settings” can just take a moment or two, depending on the internet connection and the server’s speed.


So, by using these tips and tricks given here we can solve the error message we are getting while updating the iOS of our phone or while we restore our iPhone because updating the iCloud settings can cause problems but it is so easy to resolve.

We can simply perform one of the 8 things given above and our problem will be solved. And we will not see iCloud drive upgrading stuck anyway.

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