How Can I Speed Up My Android Phone Performance?

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fix your phone performance and speed up your android phone

A really very common question why is my phone slow? In this modern era, the performance of your operating system really matters. You are using an android or Windows phone, speed of your device must be good. If you are using the phone for gaming purposes or other important purposes then you must have a high performing system that runs smoothly. If your device is slow or you feel some difficulty while opening files or content your mind diverts and you will feel anxiety for it. You cannot do your work properly.

The slow working phone is the problem of many users. There are many factors that can reduce phone working speed. Installing too many applications, low phone storage, un-updated phone software, battery problem, phone ICs problems can affect the speed of the phone. If you have a problem like this then the following steps are worth considerable

Use System Capable Apps

First of all, you should know about your device whether your device is compatible with this app or not. Don’t put a burden on your phone; always install those apps which can easily run on your device. If your android phone running slow and freezing, there could be the reason your mobile have no enough capacity to run a few apps you have installed.

Software Updating

Use of out of date software is one of the big problems which affect the phone performance badly. When you see the new system update like in Samsung and iPhone etc then go and update it. It enhances your phone speed.

Clear Caches and Data

We have received this question frequently why is my phone so slow all of a sudden? First of all, Free up your RAM and clear caches of all apps that are in working. This will be very helpful for you in the good performance of your phone. Even if you are not using the app but they use the RAM of your system.

Clear Phone Memory Storage

Why is my phone so slow on the internet? Your phone performance can be affected by low storage. When you use the internet on your phone on the browser and search for many things this browsing stores data. Clear your app data and free up your RAM and ROM.

Uninstall unwanted apps

How to stop phone from lagging? If your device has so many applications and many applications that are not in your use then uninstalling those entire apps will make your device run and work properly. It frees up your phone storage and phone RAM.

Disable Apps

Some apps are unwanted and you want to uninstall them but the problem is that built-in app. You cannot uninstall built-in apps. For this simply disable or turn off all those apps. These apps will not appear on your screen and you can reuse these apps by enabling them.

Use Up to Date Apps

Always use an up to date apps. Don’t use out of date apps. Because there are many modifications in the new update, when you see the updates are available on store then Without wasting time go for it.

Use Lite version apps

If your device has low RAM and phone storage then use the lite versions of the app. Almost every application has a lite version like FB Lite, Twitter Lite, and Messenger Lite, etc. All such apps require low storage to install and it can run very smoothly on your device

High-Speed SD Card

If your device has low storage then its performance will not be good. You can get good performance from such a device by inserting an SD card. You can use 8,16,32,64 GB SD card for high speed. Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards are good for your system performance.

Clear Recent Apps

You open so many applications and don’t close all of them. These apps are running in the background and consume your battery as well as lessen the speed of your operating system. Close all recent apps that are not in use.

Turn-off Sync

Sync is a very good feature for all phones. This feature synchronizes all your data with Google accounts and makes you alert by a notification that you have new mail or not. Besides these services, it will also use system RAM to work. So, if your device has a low storage problem then, simply turn off sync.

Don’t use Wallpaper

Live wallpaper attracts users very much. So if you are using the live wallpaper stop using this because it is working live and reduce your system performance.

Third-party Apps

Don’t install third-party applications from Google. Third-party apps may be a source of viruses. Hackers can also use these apps to hack data from the victim. Only install those applications which are available on the phone store.

Restore factory/ Phone Reset

If you are facing low storage or your system is not working properly then there is another option for you. Reset your phone. It will erase all your data and make your device perform well.

Battery problem

If you are facing that your phone is not working properly and your phone is 2 or 3 years old then there might be a battery problem. Tips to improve the battery timing of your phone.

Turn off location, Bluetooth

Turn off the location, Bluetooth, WIFI when not in use. This will also work in the background and affect the system performance.

Remove junk files from Phone

Deleting unwanted files, thumbnails, and pictures is a necessity now a day because it lowers the speed of your system and reduces the system performance. Poor system performance causes hindrance in your work while you are working.

Temporary files are created when you install or uninstall applications the left behind residue which is known as junk when you search something on a browser like chrome, opera or safari etc you have a lot of stored data that is not in your use. You have a lot of pictures and thumbnails which are stored in your application data. These are trash. Clean your device by clearing trash data or junk files. To clear junk files

  • Go to phone setting
  • Select the option phone storage
  • Then tap on clear caches

For delete saved data of applications

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on application manager
  • Select the app
  • Click on clear data

You can find many android lag fix apps on the store. You can use those cleaning applications from play stores or your phone store. There are many applications like this which are very useful to boost up your phone speed and delete the junk file from your phone. Clean Master, Super cleaner, Android antivirus, and Security Master are the best apps for cleaning your phone or device.

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