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Snapchat ultimate guide to use it

Storing the captured moments and memories of our beloved ones, and sharing them with the public is one of the basic Phenomenal Thing we do nowadays to feel good and being more accepted in society.

Literally, every chick and every guy uses dozens of apps to share their life moments with their friends and family, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, We chat, and other social media platforms.

But among these apps, another app is making its space and winning the virtual race of technology, this app is called Snapchat. In this article I will be sharing information about the snap chat app, how it works, how you use it, and much more.

What Is Snapchat?

It’s a social app that is used for making live moments, clicking pictures with high-quality effects, making videos lasting up to a minute, and sharing them with your friends.

Here are the Battery saving tips if you are using the mobile for too long.

Which Operating systems does snap chat support?

Snap chat supports these operating systems and you can download and install your snap chat app on one of the following devices you have:





How to use Snapchat? Using Snapchat is the easiest way that you can explore for yourself ever. But here I will give you a step-by-step guide on, how you can use the Snapchat app.


You can use Snapchat on pc, by using the browser, Go to, and then signup using the steps given below. And then sign in to your Snapchat and start using it the way it is described below.


The same way Snapchat can be used on mac, by the apple users by accessing on the safari browser and they have the perks of Snapchat.

How to Download and set up your profile on Snapchat

  • Download Snap chats from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Navigate to your phone’s App store either it’s Android or Apple iPhone.
  • In the search bar Write snap chat and Click on Install, It will start to download.
  • After that it has installed, you will see the app on your home screen, Go There and open the app.

Set Up your Profile on SNAPCHAT (THE BITMOJI)

  • After opening the app you will see the home screen of snap chat Click on sign Up Bar.
  • Enable the app permissions.
  • Write your name
  • Give your Date of Birth
  • Setup your username. It will be visible on Snapchat and can be used by others to find you.
  • Set up your password, it should be 8 characters long.
  • Give Your Phone or Email address and verify it by a code sent to you from Snapchat
  • Now you can find your friends on Snapchat or skip this step to do it later,
  • After That, a quick ad will be shown up there, add your friends at least 5, and continue.
  • Now Snap chat will be asking you to allow it to use your camera and storage, click turn on and you’re all set to your Snapchat.

These are the pre essential steps to set up your Snapchat app, now you only a few steps ahead to use the magical app, to create and make your moment’s very special using different cool filters, and much more.

To set up your profile on snap chat you have to click on the profile icon on the extreme left, generally Red in my case.


The bitmoji is one of the best features added to Snapchat, you can think of it as your avatar.

Steps to create your bitmoji:

First of all select create my bitmoji.

  • Choose your gender.
  • Click your picture.
  • Choose your skin tone, Then Your Hair Color and hairstyle, Add or skip any hair treatments.
  • Choose your facial hairs, maybe clean shaved, or bearded. And your beard colors.
  • Close your eyes and modify them if you want any color of your choice
  • Now, Your eyebrows, Glasses, Jaw, and Your Mouth and The ears
  • At last, you can use the wardrobe there to choose your attire. And save your avatar on bitmoji.

Using the Camera and Lenses on Snapchat to Click images and make videos.

Go to the camera and click “tap here to use a lens”

There you go with multiple Good Looking awesome lens Filters that make your moments Cool.

Click any picture using the lens (The Filter)

or you can also make a video using it

Making Videos:

You can use your Snapchat camera to make your videos that lasts up to 1 Minute. Just add any Lens or Filter and then Long Press the clicking or capture button on your screen to make a video.

Naïve Features of Video mode on Snapchat:

These two are my best and super rated features on Snapchat

The Video Lock Mode:

This feature helps you to make your videos by locking it, unlike the other apps where you have to stand still long-pressing the video shot button to make videos, The Snap chat offers its users to make hast-free videos by locking the mode and letting the video be made.

For using this Feature, Long press the shoot icon and navigate the shoot button or icon to the left. It will lock video capturing mode and you can make videos.

The Zoom In and out with the shoot button:

This is also a great feature that helps to zoom in and out while making videos or capturing snaps, To use this feature you need to either Drag the shoot or capture icon forward to ZOOM IN and drag the capture icon backward to ZOOM OUT.

The Excellent Perks Of Using Snapchat:

Using Snapchat, you will discover many of the features yourself, but in this section, we will discuss, the Super Exhausted features Snapchat has given us here:

The Snap Map:

Snap Map is the feature that tells you where your Snapchat friends are in the damn world, This will allow you to see the friends who have shared their locations. And Plus you can also share your location with this snap map.


The chats option there allows having chat with your friends, you can type there, and sending pictures to your friends, and also sharing your live locations with each other.

In Snap chats after you have done your chat, the chat will be automatically deleted, so this is a good feature or bad will depend on your mood.

Screenshot Notification:

This is the worst ever feature or a well-appreciated feature as when you take a screenshot on snap chat, of any chat or the snaps you have received from your friends, then It will give your sender a notification that you have taken a screenshot.


What’s the point of clicking stories if you haven’t shared them with anyone or haven’t bragged about beauty to anyone, so for that purpose Snapchat allows its users to make stories and publish them on your wall? You can also see your friend’s stories there and can see the professional or your subscribed stories as well.

The Discoveries:

The Discoveries is the gluten-free feature of your diet that anyone will have with great interest.

It has 6 Sections in it;

Quick Add:

Here you will see the people on your contact list that are on Snapchat and you can follow them by adding them and See their stories.


You can find people on Snapchat, by using the search bar, click on the search bar, and type your friend’s username, like the one you have had before while you were signing up on Snapchat.

Popular Snap Stars:

The popular snap stars are the persons, who have a very good fan following and you can also subscribe to them on Snapchat by clicking the subscribe icon behind their name. And you will start seeing their stories and also DMs them.

Trending Lenses:

The trending lens feature tells you that if the lenses are working finely and most popular among the people at the moment by using them, you can take your snaps and make your snaps and videos very bluntly awesome.

The Best Lenses According to Me That I like the most:

Everyone has their own choice, but According to me, these are the best filters or lenses you can use to snap the moments:

Must Try out these lenses to make your snaps freaking awesome.

·         Popular Games and Minis:

In this section, snapchat offers its users to play free games and spend their boredom time. Imagine you are having a very boring day, and nothing to do, then snapchat games can lit your mood up.

·         Popular shows:

The popular shows have the channels or pages that run short stories, DIYS and some informative videos about your interest. You can search about almost every genre, and can watch your favorite contents there.

·         Top Publishers:

Here you will find the top publishers of the famous brands and others, where you can subscribe and see their stories and get the info about your favorite brands and the popular news circulating in the mainstreams.

What are Streaks?

Snapchat streaks are a feature where you will have a Count of how longer you and your friends have been sending snaps to each other.

Are Streaks between two or among many?

Streaks are only between 2 friends and only two of them will be shown under their profile a fire symbol.

How to Boost Your Streaks?

To boost your streaks, you will have to send your friend snaps daily, and it will count the number of days you two have been sending the snaps to each other.


If you have lost your streaks, then you can get them back by consecutively sending snaps to your friends, each forthcoming day. The more the snaps you send consecutively each day, the more the streaks you will have and more the popular will be your personality among your dudes or your chicks.

You can send a request to support team of snapchat within a day to recover your broken streaks.

Here is the link “Snapchat Streak Recovery Support” Just tap on it and fill the form that’s it! You are done.

Screenshot of official snapchat streak recovery from

Fill this Snapchat Streak Recovery form and Submit it!

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • Device (Your Mobile’s Model)
  • Friend’s username (With whom you want to recover the streak)
  • When did you start having this issue?
  • How long was your Snapstreak before it expired?
  • Did you see the ⌛️ icon?

Final Verdict about the Snapchat:

Snap chat is an awesome app that you guys must download and use for creating great moments and stories together with your friends and families and share your snaps and videos with people by making it Your Stories.

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