How to record on iPhone with no audio?

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How to record on iPhone with no audio?

iPhone camera quality is one of the best in the world, it promises the highest resolution of the pictures even if the iPhone is 4 or 5, they have the best quality lenses and provide us with the best features to shoot our moments and make videos of our daily happenings with greater details. Sometimes we need to record video on our phone without Audio but can’t compromise on Video quality as we edit or cut-out sound after recording__ it may disturb video quality. However, get here the best way to record on iPhone with no Audio.

What is covered in this article?

I have made a detailed analysis of different software and tested many tips and tricks so that I may finally be able to tell you the ways to have your videos without any kind of audio in them.

At the moment we are talking about recording the videos, but this article and the searches of the words may be striking that that how to screen record with sound on iPhone; or how to recover audio from a screen recorded video? these are other topics and they have entirely another topic. Our main concern here is these things;

  • How to record on iPhone with no audio
  • How to mute the sound when recording video on iPhone
  • iPhone record video without sound
  • Remove audio from video iPhone

Let’s begin exploring the answer to these questions, and find the ways to record or exempt the sound from a video using the possible tips and tricks.

The Possible ways to remove audio from video iPhone
These are possible and the most relevant methods by which we can remove audio from our iPhone recorded video, and these are here explained after the detailed analysis.

Apple’s iMovie

With Apple’s iMovie, we remove the sounds from the video, this app is provided by the iPhone makers and it helps us totally rule out the chances of any sound or audio in our video.

Steps to remove audio from iPhone video

  • Open the app and click on the “Continue” button
  • Navigate to the “New Project” option and click on it
  • Add a new video to the “New Project”
  • Choose your desired video from which the audio is required to be removed.
  • Add the video to the Projects and then start the other options.
  • Additionally, if there’s an extra clip we want to include in it; add this.
  • Open the video editing page
  • Click on the audio settings; mute the audio/sound and the audio will be magically gone.
  • Use the audio slider to mute the video clip.
  • After making all the changes, click on the “Done” option.
  • At last, tap the share option; which will help us save the video into our desired location, or show us the possible methods to share it with anyone else.


So this is the best way with which we can remove audio from An iPhone video, and get rid of the sounds that are interrupting us. iMovie by apple is the best one; other methods may include using the Snapchat app, it also helps us record video with the sound, and after we have made/recorded the video, we can mute the sound with the feature given by Snapchat.

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