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The MOGA Pivot™ app pairs your MOGA™ controller to your Android smartphone or tablet, links to titles from our growing library of 150+ MOGA-enhanced games, and detects the MOGA-enhanced games you already have installed.
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Gaming is an obsessed hobby of everyone, so today we are providing you an amazing app that will help you to play your games with the controllers of MOGA anywhere and everywhere.

The MOGA Pivot™ program pairs your MOGA™ control to your smartphone or tablet computer, links to names out of our growing collection of 150+ MOGA enhanced matches, also finds the MOGA enhanced matches you’ve installed.

You are going to require a MOGA portable gaming control to match together with all the MOGA Pivot program; buy yours now in  We all do this, whilst the finest portable gaming solution to Android tablets and smartphones, strive MOGA now to experience authentic accuracy controller — and Game On.

 Like I mentioned earlier in the day, Moga is really a radio Controller which will be employed in combination with Android Device. This control is encouraged by plenty of games, which amount is rising daily.

To join your Moga Apparatus using Android, you must have Moga Pivot Apk that I said previously.

The Procedure to install app

Therefore let us know ways to setup Moga Controller in the own mobile,

To start with,

  • Install, download, and start open Moga Pivot apk on your Android Device. 
  • Once setup, it is possible to come across the APP together with all the MOGA logo in your cellular phone. 
  • After launching it, then you may be motivated to join with the control to your very first time. 
  • In the event you never prompt, visit Placing of Program and then click Add / Manage Controller Tab.
  • The consumer simply must show the Bluetooth and then turn the control button into the “A” location, the computer software will automatically hunt to your control, then connect, the full span is roughly 20-30 minutes.
  • After linking, users may look for matches and download them at MOGA Pivot Apk, then enjoy the adventure. 

The Two Basic Types

Additionally the matches at the Moga Pivot Apk are broken up to two distinct types, A and B. Many games are played at A version of this deal, but a few racing games will need to get attached from the B style. The user may finish the bond in line with this performance pushes.

Improvements In latest Update

The program is now able to set with the control precisely

  • The storage permissions and security permission
  • Improvements for the Matches
  • More elegant design of the games icons and their videos
  • Improved links to the playstore

MOGA Pivot App 1.25 Update

2016-05-10- Fixed Android 6 connection issues. The app can now pair with the controller properly. Missing Permissions.
– Fixed missing games, categories, and thumbnails in the Games listing.
– Fixed broken links to Google Play Store in Games listings.


“Best of CES 2013” – Laptop Magazine (for MOGA Pro)
“Winner – Best Hardware of E3 2012” – Machinima (for MOGA Pocket)
“Best New Hardware Winner E3” – Gaming Trend

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pair my Moga controller?

The possible method to pair Moga controller is to use Bluetooth.

How do I use a Moga controller with any game?

There are thousands of the games available for Moga controller; we can play almost every game on it.

What games can you play with Moga controller?

Arcade, fighting, bubble burst, adventure and all niches of games we can play with this.

How do I connect my Moga to my computer?

The Moga controller can be connected with the computer using the Bluetooth and the wired usb cables.

Final Verdicts

Eventually Moga pivot is regarded as one of the best ever platform provided to the players in order to get the real experience of gaming and  has won the hearts of the masses several times by winning the awards such as,

  1. Best New Hardware Winner E3” – Gaming Trend
  2. Winner – Best Hardware of E3



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