Basics of MOBILE APPS? Ultimate Guide before downloading an app

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Before developing or introducing any Mobile app you should think like a user first. Why they need Mobile apps? You might have seen many content perspectives to the developer, let’s get into this article as a user.

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Most people rely on smartphones to stretch their daily needs of life. From spending their free time playing games and surfing webs to order Foods secured to their homes without moving an inch away from their Door. But at what cost? Which things are necessary to know while using the apps? Which things should be there in the mind while you’re about to install a new app?

So, in this article I will be discussing the basics of the Apps that require any user to know before they install them.

Most probably no one in this heavenly world reads the so-called terms and conditions while they use the apps. Right? Yeah, lol, let’s start then what concerns should be there with an app.


A mobile app is a type of software that is developed by programmers, which can be installed on any device like androids apple products and other tablets or laptops. So it must be developed according to market demand and easy user experience. Its interface should be simple.


These are the things required to download and install the apps:

  • Get a smartphone (Android, Microsoft, Blackberry or Apple)
  • An Active internet connection.

The Internet can be accessed by both:

  1. Wifi Connection

2. Cellular Data (Requires More Data)


The type of operating system your phone determines which kind of sources you will have to download the apps, Like

  • Apple (IOS system) has the Apple app store
  • Blackberry has it Pasture
  • Samsung has the Galaxy Store
  • Nokia has Nokia/Overstore

But The Most Famous Store Here where people use to download the apps is The Google’s PLAY STORE

They make money by showing adsIn paid apps there is  no option for the ads,  premium you have bought ad free  apps by paying them bucks.
Secondly, the  developers Offer, where there  minute quantity  of features, in spite of attracting a pro  version.These have full features.
Here are features like in the games you can have more gems, coins, or the cars unlocked before you have reached a certain level, so this attracts the audience and they start thinking about THE IN APP PURCHASES.Once, you’ve seen the in app purchases and you like them, probably you will buy those apps from their store eventually becoming a paid user
some apps are free, so they play role in attracting the copmany’s other appsPaid apps are of full features.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions are necessary while app installing?

Every app requires some permissions in order to work properly, the things are as:

  • Storage
  • Messages
  • GPS

Tip: As a developer ensure those permissions are in safe hands, there is no fear of data-stealing or such unpleasant experiences.


Well, there is probably a risk of your data being read BY THE OWNER or the ad showing company.

Tip: As a developer make clear in Policy that user’s data will not be shared anywhere in any condition. Besides a decent user experience, trust is another ranking factor.

How to limiting The Data?

To limit and restrict the access of data to the app developer, you can control the Apps Privacy In the phone’s Settings. For that purpose,

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Navigate to Apps
  3. Navigate to that (Specific) app
  4. Search for the apps permissions
  5. Now you can select app permissions you like to grant

Tip: If you see this point from a developer perspective, the user is conscious about his internet usage so you should clarify how much data your app gonna use.

Why do apps use Device’s Location To Work?

Typically Location services are only used for those apps that require the users to have the expertise of the MAPS, The directions, or the Taxi Services. Other apps use the device locations such as camera apps or social media apps so that you can add the watermarks on the apps To tell your friends and Family Where you are and where you have checked in.

Tip: AS a developer ensure that you not gonna use their location in the sense of tracing their location

Why Do Some Apps Show a Bunch of ads while using?

There are two reasons for this as we have discussed in the table up,

  • First, they earn money from those apps by showing other apps of their own
  • Second, the user may feel that these ads suck so that they buy the premium services so that no hustle of ads.

Is my device at risk after installing the apps or any risk of Viruses?

Well, every Device can catch viruses, because of corrupt files or such unauthentic data. To keep your device safe from viruses don’t download apps from irrelevant platforms.

How you can identify Viruses?

  • Your device gets slower
  • Irrelevant Activities
  • In extreme conditions, your device starts vibrating
  • Mobile lags i.e. you are dialing a number but it makes the call to any other contact number, receiving no texts, wifi takes too long to connect, etc.

In this case, you can install an antivirus for the device or contact the customer care of your phone.

Tip: As an app developer, you should ensure all the safety factors of your app.

Are the app reviews worth installing a specific app?

The reviews may be honest or may not be, some of the developers have paid people to give positive reviews about their apps and we must check before Having the apps installed, check all these points.


Every app is not for the kids, there may be content that is not suitable for your child. For that Purpose, you must be scrutinizing the device of your child and regularly check his/her device.


You can first add a parental control feature to your child’s device where you can control your kid’s app installations and check the history of your child’s web browsing

  1. You can add the kid’s filter on the specific apps
  2. You can have a good conversation with your Kids How to use the apps properly
  3. which things should be accessed and which type of info they should shared


Many of us as mobile app users don’t much concentrate on hacking, data sharing, or location tracing fear if we are downloading from a trusted platform i.e Play Store, Google Play, Pasture, etc. Because these platforms identify themselves to make downloading safe. If you are launching an app you must have to cover all securing and user-desired factors.

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