How to increase network signal strength in android

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Just follow these simple steps to boost mobile signals tricks increase network signal strength

How to improve mobile signal strength? Having a low signal bar is a serious problem that halts the smart device’s and gets us network connectivity issues, and it is really annoying for anyone to have a slow network, while we are working or we are going to make a business call or sending an email to anyone.

My Mobile phone is not catching signals properly what to do? Don’t Worry, Here we are going to discuss the cool methods and techniques that will help us boost and strengthen our cellular network bars. Let’s just begin with them

Top methods to augmented device signals 

These are the best techniques to boost the signal of your sim card and it’s free and easy for everyone, Mostly this signal issue faced by rural residents, So here we are providing tips for the best cell phone booster for rural areas__ let’s begin with the first one.

Clear out the entities that disturb the Bars of your device

The signals come from the signal to yours, so if there is no restriction or the minimum restriction between the toy our and the device, that is an effective way to have more bars on your device easily.

Reduce not eliminate

firstly we have to do is that we see which things come in the way of the signals, like the closed doors and windows, the rooms in the basements can also affect the signal strength and we may have poor internet and call networks.

We all know that we can only reduce the distraction coming in our way, so as much as we can do is that we can actually make lesser things to obstruct the signals, and that can help us very easily.

Never let your device battery reach less than 10%

Never let the device die at 1% or 2%, it is really a bad thing that we let your device battery drains and it makes the signal save bad, when the battery level is good then the device is able to catch the signals very efficiently, which means it is using much poorer, but when we are using your device and its battery is low that means your device is not able to get most of the signal that it was getting when the device charging was brilliant like that was 90% in order to

get through this situation we need to good battery percentage we will have a good signal strength

Put off the extra accessories from your device 

In order to get all the full signals with Birds on your device, we have to put off all the accessories like put off the case of your device. And if we have anything extra accessory that is used in the mobile signals to be strengthened we need to put it off. 

Re-check if we’re same has any kind of carbon over if it is damage 

It Is also a checkpoint in which we have to check, withers your device has a sim card properly inserted or the SIM slot has been carrying a lot of carbon that is making the boundary between the signals of your device. and your connectivity, if there is a carbon or anything dost in your same or sim slot, will be giving we Lo bars and we will have some issues in the connectivity of Internet calls 

change your network mode

It is very easy to step that if we tend to square measure having hassle within the 4G or 3G. We are able to merely upgrade to a 4G SIM or downgrade to a 3G sim all even a stronger concept it’s a built-in performance in your device that we are able to interchange between the 2G and 3G and 4G network. It’d be serving to we tend to induce a stronger signal strength and a time period bigger web property and device calls affiliation

Check the choice for airplane mode

Use device as this inherent perform that we are able to use the flight mode or specifically the airfield of a nod to disconnecting your device from {the internet we tend to |the net} and also the same so we’ve to attend for a few seconds by simply looking forward to five seconds so flip it off which can facilitate we to induce a stronger signal quality

If the date and time on your device isn’t set properly then it would be inflicting problems in the property

Like for WhatsApp if your device has not the correct date and time then it’s not functioning and that we all in line with the newest one.


It is a subject of debate that why is your gadget given we a poor connection of signals, and with the aid of this article piece, we will be able to resolve all the critics that are coming in your way to have strong bars.

4 bars says that it is an excellent quality of the link, 3 bars are also very good, 2 bars are acceptable. But having only 1 bar will be annoying we, and maybe interrupting the whole video calling, or the texts call or even more important things that we are doing for the sake of our business. So using these techniques we can actually get solved our problems, if still this does not help we try contacting your cellular network provider.

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