How to get more storage on Android phone – Increase Mobile storage

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tips & tricks for getting more storage on phone

Phones are needed by everyone in the world today, this pandemic has set new standards for education and learning, the world is changing and online learning is a new and creative way of providing education to the students.

Phones with high-end storage and RAM are required so as to have a great experience for the Quick processes, but they are really costly and out of range for many of the students and the layman.

So if you’re tired of having low spaces, or your phone becoming very slow then you are on the right article, here I will discuss what are the ways you can enhance the performance of your phone by increasing its RAM/ROM. What to do if storage space running out? Here are methods to increase the internal storage of your android phone.

Terminologies Related to this article

Here we will discuss the main terminologies that we will be dealing with the process of increasing our phone’s Ram or Rom. So let’s begin with the first one

Increase RAM storage of Phone

Ram is abbreviated as the Random access memory; it means the ability of your phone to work with multi apps simultaneously.

What will be the reaction of your phone and its speed when you use a lot of apps in the background without closing them and using a lot of apps will be determined by the ram of your phone. If your ram is more, then you can have a more linear and hassle-free experience of surfing your phone. Smartphone prices go up with the increase in ram, and it may be expensive for a higher ram phone.

How to Increase ROM of a Android

Read only memory is where all of your data is stored, It has also a direct effect on your device’s performance, with more memory you can store more things on your phone, more apps , more data , and more of the speed you can get while having a greater memory.

Is it legal to increase Mobile storage?

Yes, it is completely legal to increase your internal storage, but to increase RAM of your phone you need to root your phone, which is still not illegal but it voids warranty of your phone, So if you don’t want to trade your phone’s warranty you may not want to increase RAM, but still, if you increase it, its not illegal and completely safe.

What are the top ways to increase my phone’s internal storage?

I will be sharing the top methods to enhance internal storage. we will be starting with the most simple method. Having a phone that hangs while you are using it really big trouble and it really makes you feel messy, or even if you are using the phone in front of your friends, that will be really shameful and you can even be bullied for having a low ranged phone, so do not be worried about all this stuff. Let’s begin with the first method

Use an External Memory Source

It’s basically one of the most exotic ways to increase the internal storage of your device, for that purpose you have to invest some pounds, you can buy a memory card, like nowadays memory cards are up to 128Gb you can buy one of the external cards and can store your apps on them, by making them your default storage in the settings.

Clear all the unused and junk stuff from your phone

The second method is that you can clear all of the unused apps on your phone making it slow. It can be done in two ways.

Deleting Permanently your apps that you no longer need

Here you can uninstall those apps that you are not interested in, or are just lying in your phone that have not been used in a while.

Clearing the history and cache of various apps

This method also helps you to clear out memory, clear all the storage or cache of apps and you will be granted more space on your phone and more hassle-free your phone will be working.

Buy an OTG

Try using this feature, this is an extra function that you can carry with you, and OTG USB helps you to copy your stuff like your photos and videos to your OTG USB. It is a device that you can attach with your phone and then you can copy your pics and videos and many data on this, just attach the OTG to your phone and then navigate to your storage there will be shown and copy the files to your OTG, the size of your OTG varies according to the one you have bought.

Throw your files on Cloud

Saving your files on the internet is one of the best and smartest to do with your phone, usually every android can be used to store files on its cloud

For Android

Androids have google drive where you can store all of your files like your photos, videos, and your data including your office files and others. Simply upload your files on your google drive

For iPhone

iPhone users have the iCloud service which is used by millions of people around the world to store files and it is one of the extremely lit methods. Just sign in to your iCloud and upload your data.

For Windows Phones

Windows users have a great function that they can store their data on their OneDrive which is the most used service around the world with the advantage that you can access all of your data while you are on your PC or computer.

 Disable the long time no seen apps

Disable the apps in the settings that you no longer use and for this purpose,

Follow these steps

  • Go to settings
  • Open apps
  • Navigate to the respective app
  • Click on the option that says disable

Copy your pics and videos on your pc or main drive

Buy the main drive, where you can store all of the pics, videos, and data of yours and this should be your personal one, where you can store all the family data or business data or anything like that.

Install a storage cleaner app

Installing a cleaner app that can help you to automatically clear the junks and reminds you to clear the unwanted apps, there are a lot of apps that can do this chore for you, and you can choose the best one that fits according to your needs.

Increasing the RAM of your phone

You can also increase the ram of your phone, and it can help you to do multi-using apps. There are several methods to increase your rams, but it is really a lengthy process that needs the following things

Requirements for increasing RAM of your phone

These are the requirements for increasing the ram of your phone and the main one is

Root your phone

This is the first need, you need to root to your phone, which means you have to get the master control of your phone’s software and then you can modify your phone’s settings

Say goodbye to your phone’s warranty

Yes, rooting your phone will be vanishing the warranty of your phone, but anyway you can still increase the ram of your phone.

Have an external memory card for this

Get an external card, and you can share the space of your memory card to increase the ram of your phone. Use a standard 4 GB card and you can increase your phone’s ram up to 2 or 3GB

Final Verdicts

It is really a good option to increase the internal memory of your phone and you can use the information above to increase it, without any kind of disturbance and difficulty. By these simple methods, you can get rid of the limited storage of your phone.

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