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How to update IOS system step by step instructions

To keep your phone performing well, the update is important. If you feel the problem with your operating systems then go for the update. If your WIFI is not connected, you feel that your system has poor performance, low storage problem, poor battery timing, uncanny files on the screen then you will get rid of these entire problems by updating your device software. The new update does not give you new toggles, icons and wallpaper etc. it gives you better security. Hackers or cybercriminals fail to access your data. 

When you update your phone software version, chances to hack or steal your data or info become diminished. So always keep your phone up to date new versions, remove all the leaks and patches, that’s why updating your software is important. Better device performance – when you update your device it removes all the errors and bugs make your device run smoothly. Bugs usually slow down your device so a new update removes all such types of problems.

Always keep your system software up to date. The new update brings a lot of features. It is a universal truth, everything needs an update. iPhone users can also update your software when Apple launches a new update then it notifies all their users to update software. IOS updates are also very important like Android.

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Following steps are worth considering before updating your phone

  • First of all, make sure that you have sufficient battery (30% or above).
  • Backup your data in ICloud or you can save it in PC by connecting your IOS device to PC. This step is very important because you may lose old SMS, photos, videos or contacts. So always backup your data.
First make a backup of your data before updating IOS
  • Erase unwanted applications, photos, videos etc. from your phone storage. You should have enough storage for updating your phone. If you are updating IOS 14 then you should have about 20 GB, you will be able to update your phone.
  • Use WIFI instead of 3G or 4G for updating your phone software. Always use an unlimited data plan for this. Use a secure internet for this.

Method to update IOS device

You need no rocket science to update your IOS device. The method is very simple like an android. If Apple notifies that update is available then update your device. After doing all the above steps now proceed to the procedure.

  • Go to “System Setting”
Go in the iPhone settings first
  • Go to “General”
Tap on general setting
  • Tap on “Software Update”
Select software updates there
  • If you see there is a new update then update it. If no update is there then wait for the new update.
  • Assume you see the new update there then rap on install and download.
Simply click on the installation button
  • Enter the password and Check the option Term and conditions.
  • Your device starts updating. Keep calm, it will run in the background. When downloading will be completed you will see the notification.
  • After that, go to the setting then software update. Tap on install. Now the installation will begin. Wait until it completes.

You may face the following problems after the IOS update.

  1. If your battery problem is not solved after updating then replace your battery.
  2. If your applications are not working properly after updating system software then update your applications too.

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