How to tell if AirPods are fake – Ultimate Guide to Check Airpods

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How to tell if AirPods are fake 1

Fake things are really being good these days. The makers are busy in making quality products but, on the other hand; the small firms and companies make the same thing in cheap quality and less price.

Well, that is business baby! I say this as one of the most interesting phenomenal challenges the low-budget companies give to the Big daddies of the town. They make the products for the poor and the middle-class fellas.

What this article is about?

In this article we will go through the questions like;

  • How to tell if AirPods are fake?
  • How to tell if AirPods pro is fake?
  • How to check apple AirPods original?

Let’s begin exploring the answers to these questions

Steps to identify authentic Airpods

There are a number of ways that can help us tell that if we have bought the wrong or the fake AirPods; most commonly we have to observe that we are buying it from an authentic store that is authorized with the apple; while we plan to buy AirPods.

The serial number test

The first thing we can ever check to confirm if our AirPods are fake is that we simply go to the apple site and put in the serial number of the AirPods there; if the serial number exists then the AirPods are more likely to be original.

But that’s not enough because the fake makers can use the real serial number for thousands of the AirPods they are making and making it a challenge for anyone to tell that how to check apple AirPods original?. So we can sue the next option for this and check that if AirPods are fake.

Check the settings to see official settings

Luckily there is another option I can tell you to check the AirPods authenticity; we can check the settings of the AirPods and navigate to the about page;

Screenshot of iPhone to check Airpods settings
  • Open settings
  • Click on the about
  • Check that if this option exists there; if not these are not the original AirPods

But this test is not 100%, because those smart asses may make these pages integrated into the settings of our AirPods; So we can further check to validate our AirPods.

For Airpods Pro: Transparency and noise Cancellation Feature

Yep, this one may be helping us a little more in advancing to the efforts that we are checking the AirPods originality, on the original AirPods we have features like we can use the noise cancellation feature and make the background noise be reduced; or sometimes may completely extinct the noise.

The other feature is transparency, which is listed just in the setting where the noise cancellation feature is present. Hence these two make us move closer to the truth that how to tell if AirPods pro is fake. But even if a person is not sure that his AirPods are fake and is still in dilemma, then he can do a lot more tests on the AirPods.

The Ear Tip Fit test

Step by step instructions with screenshots to check ear tip fit test for airpods

The ear tip fittest is one of the most obvious tests that can tell us that if the AirPods are original. To perform this test we need to follow these simple steps;

  • Connect your AirPods to your phone
  • Open the phone settings and navigate to the AirPods/pro settings
  • Chose the “Ear Tip Fit Test”
  • Plug one Airpod in your ear
  • Check the message after initiating the test

After pugging in only one Airpods, this test should not work; because the AirPods ear tip fittest does not go with one Airpod. If you get the message that it is a good seal that I think there is no need to confirm more.

The Basic check: Charging port

Well I think this is rather funny to say but this one is actually funny, the fake AirPods makers which sell the cheapest and the lowest price AirPods have installed a micro-USB charging port into the AirPods.

If there is a charging port of the androids then I don’t think that we should buy those creepy things.

The message on first installation: “Your Airpods”

This is the message we get from the fake AirPods, the first time we connect our AirPods to the phone, the original product should say that “Airpods” or “Airpods pro”; but the fake makers may be giving the “your AirPods/ pro” like a message which makes it much obvious to make a decision whether buying those AirPods or not.

The warranty and the purchase date

The AirPods that are original and come from the apple resellers will have the official warranty and have the validate purchase date feature.

On the original AirPods, we can see that they have the warranty and purchase date validation will be made by the reseller because it is a rule that they should be reporting to apple every device they have sold out.

Check an authorized apple certificate

While buying the apple AirPods, we can check the certificate issued by apple that these stores are officially authorized and certified to sell their originally valued items.

So we can check the certificate signed by apple and then calmly buy the apple products or specifically the AirPods from them.


So, after checking all the above things in the pair of AirPods we can finally conclude that our AirPods are fake or the original ones, but there are more things and tests that we can perform on our AirPods and check deeply that if those AirPods are fake;

  • Check the Airpods diffusers; they will be like the handmade in fake AirPods
  • Check the logos and designs of the apple and the writings
  • Check the texture of the box, the AirPods case, and make sure It is a good one
  • Check the lighting port, it is usually micro-USB in the fake AirPods.

So after all these things, I think you will finally be able to say that if our AirPods are genuine. But the most important and reliable method to get the authentic AirPods is to directly go to the apple store and buy from them.

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