How to Screen Share on Discord Mobile & Desktop

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How to screen share on mobile 1

Discord is one of the best platforms of audio, video, text, and many other platforms like this. For users who have a great interest in gaming, it is the best place for all of those.

Besides these above-mentioned qualities, you can also share your screen via Discord. This is one of the best applications for gamers who want to share their game screen live when they are playing the game. You will earn money by sharing the live game on the YouTube channel. If you are a gamer, here is another plus point for you__ Now you can connect Controler with mobile. Boost your mobile gaming luxry.

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How to share screen on Discord Server

If you want to share the screen on discord you can share it by downloading the PC version of Discord or if are using Google chrome then there is an extension of discord on Chrome store to share the screen live.

Below is the method how to share the screen on discord Chromebook. Are you wanted to share your screen on the Discord server? If yes then follow all step that is given below

  • To Screen Share on Discord, Open the Discord application.
  • Click on the Icon (speaker) and join the Voice channel on your server.
second step to Screen Share on Discord click on speaker icon
  • Click on the option Go live (arrow icon) at the mid of the left corner.
forth step to Screen Share on Discord tap on the arrow button
  • You will see the new window.
  • Here two options, one for the whole screen share and the second for an application that you want to share. Select the things that you want.
Select the screen you want to share 1 1
  • Tap on the Go live option to stream live.

How to use Discord Screen Share – Mobile

  • The process is very simple. For screen share, first of all, enter the voice channel on the Discord server.
  • Then you will get a notification whether you want to share your screen or video call.
  • Select the option of screen share here. Then you will get the option of screen sharing.
  • Select the application that you want to share or Go live.
  • After sharing your screen you can also mute your voice or chat with someone with text only.
  • 10 people can join the live stream at one time. After Covid-19 Discord increases the limit to 50.

How to share screen on Discord Mobile App

  • Click on the Discord application icon to open it.
  • See the call control section here you will see the screen share option.
  • Click on the screen share option.
  • A window will appear to click on Try it out to proceed.
  • You will see the notification of a warning that you are going to share your screen.
  • If you want to share the screen then tap on Start Now.
  • When you want to quit the screen sharing then Tap on screen sharing.

How to join and watch live stream on Discord

We will discuss the method of watching and joining the other’s content on Discord.

  • See the left section on Discord. Here there are many broadcasters.
  • There will be an option of Go Live along with your username.
  • Click on the option Join Stream to watch the broadcaster content.

Discord screen sharing is not working

Are you facing No audio during Screen share while using Discord? You may face errors in Discord while sharing the screen the error may be a screen crash while sharing the screen or maybe No voice. Then there is a problem with your Discord software. You can solve these problems by following this issue

Update Driver

If you are still facing voice issue then

  • Go to system setting
  • Tap on device manager.
  • Here you will see the whole system driver. Select the audio driver
  • After clicking right select the option of update driver.

After few minutes your driver will be up to dated

Reset data

Clear all data that is in Discord. If your audio is not working well then simply go to setting and then task manager then cleat all the roaming data.

Clear the voice setting

If you are facing an audio issue in Discord then reset the voice setting. After resetting the voice setting you will able to listen to the voice.

  • For doing this, go to setting and
  • Tap on voice and video.
  • Tap on reset voice setting. Click on ok

Uninstall and Install Again

If after doing all the above things and you are still facing the problem about voice or you are still facing the screen crash while sharing your screen then the last option is to uninstall the Discord and install it again.

  • Go to system setting
  • Click on control manager
  • See the discord here. Tap on the right click and uninstall it.
  • Go to download and install it again

Window Restart

If you face any issue while sharing your screen or you find that your screen is disconnected during Screen share then simply turn off your PC and turn it on after a few minutes. You can get rid of the problem after doing this.

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