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Safe instructions to rot your mobile phone

Having freedom on your device that you do whatever you want to is another type of Lifehack that really makes life easier and makes us feel better, like no restrictions to install any kind of app, or to be exploited by the security features. So If you are in search of a way that helps you to, Have master access to your Android Device and you can do whatever you want on your phone, then you are on the right Post, here we will discuss the method which will help you to Root your Android Phone and you can customize your phone in the way you want to, without any kind of restrictions.

What actually Mobile rooting is?

Rooting is actually a phenomenon of accessing the master control of the androids operating system which helps them to attain access to customizing their phone in a way they want to do. It is quite similar to what we do to an iPhone, a phenomenon of Jailbreaking.

Cons and pros of Rooting

Here are the Cons and Pros of Rooting the android, everything has a good and bad point, where you may have to suffer some loss, there you can actually get a lot of new features and have the master control over your device,

So here are the things that go in favor and Against Rooting

Cons of Rooting mobile

  • No warranty
  • May have more complications or damages
  • Extra apps installed by third-party root tools

Pros of Rooting

These are the points in favor of rooting, that rooting actually gives you a lot than only trading your warranty,

  • You can access your phone is full master mode
  • Millions of apps without any kind of restrictions
  • Customized phone settings
  • · A more beautiful look of the phone
  • · Custom ram and ROM can be enhanced

Ways and Methods Of Rooting

Several Ways are there on the internet that tells you about how to do rooting of your android device, But they are so tricky and difficult that you can’t do properly rooting and your phone may be gone forever. So choosing the best method for rooting the device is, therefore, should be checked before Actually rooting it. I will discuss here which is the best method to root your android phone without any kind of fear of damaging your device.

Essentials To be noted before attempting to root your Android

These are the essential things that should note, before attempting to root your device, listed below

  • Make up your mind before rooting, because it may be risky.
  • Do a lot of research about rooting.
  • Always opt for the simplest and easiest method.
  • Never be too tempted to root your device early, take it slow, and understand the key facts.
  • Gather all of your Phones Data at another place, or back it up as you may lose your data while you are performing rooting.

Two popular ways To Root device

There are two popular ways to root your android device that are Famous among the people here around the world which are given as follows

  1. Rooting Android with aid of Computer
  2.  Rooting Android without any Computer

Here, first I will discuss with you the method which utilizes your Laptop or PC and secondly I will discuss with you rooting it without any pc.

How to root android phone with PC?

So, The first step tells you about how to do rooting with the help of a laptop or computer, you can do root your phone with a machine and you should have the following software installed on your computer without any kind of hustle and frustration of your mood.

The KingoRoot

The kingoroot is a highly recommended software that allows its users to root their android devices very quickly and in a safe manner.

Before rooting the device you should do a checklist that these things must be done

The Checklist

  • Phone Should be Charged more than 60 Percent
  • It should be connected to a Super strong WIFI or Cellular data
  • Data backup
  • The original Cable that came with your Phone

Steps to Root your Phone using the KingoRoot

Here is the procedure to root your android device with kingoroot

  • First of all, go to the official website of Kingoroot and install it on your pc.
  •  Open the application, you will see this.
  •  Insert your USB in your phone and connect it to the pc
  •  You will see that some essential drivers will be downloaded to make the root happen.
  • Your phone will ask your permission that you should allow this step or not, say yes to allow this step which USB debugging.
  • Now click Root now
  • You will see the progress of rooting the device, the kingo software will do this part for you, and after completion of 100%, the phone will be rooted.
  • Success. After 100%, you will see that your android device will be rooted and you can now be doing the bunch of things that you were not able to do while you had not rooted your phone.
  • Check again and verify your root done or not, you can check it by having apps installed on your phone, like Shadow socks, super battery, etc.

Root android without PC 

In this method I will tell you the simplest trick to root an android, It is the most reliable & easiest method to do. 

Follow these simple steps

  • Give permission to install an unknown app from outside the google play store, Navigate Towards settings after That allow this permission in security. 
  • Have the king root installed
  • Open it and start rooting
  • If you fail, again retry it and root again. 
  • After some tries, you will surely be able to master control your android
  • If you still can not root it, try the method given above using the help of a computer.

How to root phone Manually?

It is one of the Basic Things that should be taken in mind that rooting your phone manually requires you to learn and code, and give instructions to your phone at every step so that you can actually root your phone without any kind of side apps. But again, this process requires a person to learn and code

Which things happens when you root your phone?

These are the things that happen when you root your phone

  • Bootloader Gets Unlocked
  • TWRP Custom recovery gets flashed
  • SU Binary gets Flashed

So these steps can also be manually given to the Android device and can actually root your phone, but again it requires a lot of Knowledge.

You must need to update Android device after Rooting it.

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