How to Get Dual Whatsapp – Best Dual Whatsapp apps

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Get Duel Whatsapp

Whatsapp messenger is the craze of everyone in this world, it’s a quick method to get in touch with loved ones, just in an instant, and we get and send out messages to anyone around the world in no time. That’s the massive respect for Whatsapp and it is a very good source of communication. Many of us need to get a dual WhatsApp app in a single device. Here are tips to get 2 Whatsapp apps.

Added features of Whatsapp

Not only bounded and restricted to the messages, Whatsapp provides us a number of functions we can perform using this app, which are as follows

  • Messages to one another
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Audio notes
  • Documents
  • Pictures and videos

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What if you need more than one account?

Yeah, there may be at a point you want another account if you have started a professional life, or you just want to have a separate account for specific people, for that purpose you totally need an extra Whatsapp, but that is not supported by the Whatsapp team that you use more than one account on the same phone. But don’t worry we have done it for you.

All the relevant methods you want to know about how to get two Whatsapp on a phone.

Want to make your apps more secure? Here are tips to secure mobile apps for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is the list of the FAQs by many of the consumer of Whatsapp, which are as follows;

Can I really have two Whatsapp on my IPhone or android?

Yes this is really possible now for everyone to have an extra Whatsapp/ two Whatsapp on one phone.

How to use two whatsapp in one phone without root

Do we have to root the phone to use dual WhatsApp on a single device? Nope, you do not need to root your phone if you want to have dual Whatsapp features on your phone, continue reading this article and you will get the process of setting up 2 Whatsapp on a single phone.

Following is the list of apps by using you can run multi WhatsApp in your mobile. Just give a read

Is this a legal thing to have 2 Whatsapp one single phone?

Yes, it is completely ethical and legal to use two Whatsapp simultaneously; now, even the phones have an integrated function of the dual space or the dual messenger on them.

Best apps to get dual Whatsapp on your phone

We have made a list of top 10 apps that permits to have a dual Whatsapp feature on our phone, let’s begin with the first one

1.    Use the Internal feature of your phone

Android devices that run android 7 or 7+, now they enjoy a built in feature that they can use and have a dual chatting messenger or every app that uses an account to work.

This feature is listed in different phones with a different name. Like in the Samsung it’s named as dual messenger. And in other phones it may vary accordingly. You can simple click on an app and turn on the dual messenger on a Samsung phone

Good point of this phone bolt in feature

The very good thing that this feature was added to the phones, and this really gives us an option that whenever we install an app that could have an extra account, it notifies you that if you want to use the parallel account or the dual messenger for that app.

This feature is available for these apps
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Snapchat Whatsapp of course
  • So we can use this feature and use an extra count on this for every purpose

2.    Dual Apps

Duel apps logo 1

Dual apps, is one of the app listed here which helps us get an another social media account and a gaming account for our apps. This app specifically works with all types of phones and gives us a space to have more than 1 app on a same phone.

Now we need not to worry about anything that we are going to have only one app, we can have as many apps as we want and use them separately for business, jobs, friends, or families. So using this app we can have another Whatsapp on the same phone

Dual Apps
Dual Apps
Price: Free

3.    Parallel space apk

Parallel space app logo

It is also another app used for getting the dual Whatsapp feature on a phone, if your phone clearly don’t have an option of giving you the dual apes  originally, this app can be used and we can use separate Whatsapp for our friends families or boyfriend/girlfriend, this is one the best apps we will find on the marketplace.

It gives us a feature that we can use separate contact list and control which contacts to use and which we don’t want to use for the separate app.

4.    Vector space apk

Vector space logo

Vector space apk is available for the android evinces and it can be helpful in getting the dual messengers for our mobile devices.

How to get this app?

We can get this app by visiting the playstore and just download and install it from there and ten use the dual messengers on our phone.

Open the app afterwards, add the Whatsapp on the list of the apps you want to create an extra account. Then we will see another app there and hence can use the feature of dual apps for ourselves.

5.    Whatsapp Business

whatsapp business logo

Whatsapp business is another app, originally given by the Whatsapp itself. It was initially used for the business groups, but the benefits are not only limited to the rich people only.

If you are bored of having only one app on your phone, then you can install this Whatsapp nosiness app, then we can have two Whatsapp on one phone. This gives us much added features as well and plus we will be enjoying the feature of running two Whatsapp on one phone.

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

6.    Whatsapp

Whatsapp logo

Whatsapp is popular app that can be used by the masses, to have an extra app on their phone. We can have the app downloaded from many sites; this apk is available on the internet. And then enjoy having two apps on one phone.

Extra features of the Whatsapp

We get extra features of Whatsapp that are listed below

  • We get modified Whatsapp
  • We can also change our last seen, status visibility, or the only status to other people
  • We can  add who can contact us or not

Hence this is really a very good app, to have an extra Whatsapp on our phone.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

7.    Super clone

Super Clone App Cloner for Multiple Accounts logo

Super clone is a good app that everyone is aware of, we all know and have heard the name of super clone app, and this app is specifically built to create another app of almost all the apps on our phone.

With this app we can create as much copies of the Whatsapp as we want, depending upon the space of our phone.

So with this app we can use dual Whatsapp messenger on a single phone and enjoy the perks of heaving two apps. We can download this app from the Appstore or the playstore that means it is available for both the android and IOS devices.

8.    2Accounts

2Accounts Dual Space Dual Apps

2accounts is another app that gives us the opportunity to have several Whatsapp messengers on a 1 device. We can download and install it on our phone and then we can use this app to create a copy of the Whatsapp

It also helps u to create a lot of copies of many other apps and gams; we can also create as much accounts of Whatsapp Facebook and Instagram etc. by using this app and use them simultaneously

2Accounts - Dual Space & Dual Apps
2Accounts - Dual Space & Dual Apps

9.    Parallel U

Parallel U app logo

Parallel is a great app that we have on this list and it helps us to get the desired app copy on our phone. This can be dopwkloed very easily and we can continue to use it on our phone it out having any kind of trouble.

The app is completely free and can be downloaded and installed on out phone and then easily be used by anyone.

We can use tis app and have dual Whatsapp on our app. If you run a company and need multiple accounts to deal with multi clients of different countries then this app is very useful foot you.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

10. Multi

run dual whatsapp at a time with this multi app

Multi is a very amazing app that can be used by the smartphone users and create a parallel account of their choice on their phone.

We can use this app to create multiple versions of thaw Whatsapp and then use them

Good features of this app

  • It is free
  • It is legal
  • It is easy to use and very friendly app
  • It created a lot of Whatsapp messengers for us
  • It is not very large, and consumes  small space for itself
Multi-multiple accounts app
Multi-multiple accounts app
Developer: ljmobile
Price: Free+

Conclusion about Dual Messenger

Dual messenger app is one of the best functions that a smartphone can have, modern devices are already now filled with this feature and we don’t have to install any app for this purpose, but somehow they also lemmatize us to use only 2 apps at the same time.

If you want to have more than 2 Whatsapp at the same time then you can simple download one of these apps and enjoy having multiple apps for your business, if you are a student you can also use these apps for your notes classes and much more.

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