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Hide Apps in android

Privacy is really a question of matter, no one wants their private videos and pictures to be seen or shared accidentally when you have handed over your phone to your friends. So for that purpose app hiding software is there which can be used for hiding your apps, your videos, or even your personal data.

In this article, I will share the method and the apps that will help you hide your apps that you don’t want people to see when they borrow your phone, or even all of your data.

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How do I hide my apps or other contents in Mobile ?

There are a lot of ways which help you to hide your apps and other data, I will share with you the things that are already present in your phone, and also many other apps that can help you to hide your personal stuff and applications. Let’s begin with the first one.

1.      Using your phone’s settings

Here I will tell you how you can use your phone’s setting to hide your apps. Just follow these simple step.

 Hide the apps icon

Hide the app icon on your home screen. It will vanish the icon, and no one will see this that you have a certain app. Follow these steps

For Android (This Works for on Samsung)
  • Slide home screen
  • open settings
  • Select hide apps
  • Select your desired app
  • Click okay
For iPhone

App does not allow it’s users to hide app from phone settings, only you can delete it to get rid of it. nothing else can be done about this.

Disable the System apps

You can also do this trick to hide the apps you no longer want to see, so here are the steps you can do to disable them;

  • Open settings
  • Navigate to apps
  • Select your app
  • Disable it by clicking the option that says disable
  • It  will be disabled and its icon will not be showing in the home screen

2.      Using external apps

With this option you can hide the following things,

  1. Any apps
  2. All videos
  3. The pictures you want

What are the famous apps to use for hiding the pictures and videos?

This app can be used to hide apps, videos and pictures on your device, and they are all reliable and trusted by thousands of the customers

The Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is an app that works with all the phones, you can try it and hide all the apps you want to and no one will get a hint about it.

Steps to hide an app in the nova launcher

These are the steps to hide an app in nova launcher

  1. After installing it, open it
  2. Make it the default launcher
  3. Go to app drawer
  4. Slect apps
  5. Click okay and it will hide

Hiding apps on Huawei

Huawei phones lets you hide apps with “Private Space” . so these are the steps to hide apps on Huawei phones

Set up this feature

You can turn on this option, by

  • Go to settings
  • Open security tab
  • Turn on the private space

Hide apps

To hide apps now you can do these steps

  • Open private space
  • Confirm your identity by using a biometric
  • Now you can separately download apps that no one can see.

How to hide apps on Xiaomi phones?

On these phones, you can hide your apps by following these simple steps;

  • Navigate and open settings
  • Click on app lock
  • Select the gear symbol
  • Open hidden apps
  • Select Manage hidden app
  • Add as many apps you want


Using this method, you can hide your apps, and also you can hide your photos or images as well. This is really a good option that helps you to hide your apps or Pics/Videos.

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