The ultimate guide Apple CarPlay

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Instructions to use Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the easiest and most safe mode of phone while drive. We can send messages, make calls, locate directions, play music and videos and do a lot of things on car screen while driving.

Using mobile while driving could be the reason for an accident however, carplay make use of mobile quite easy and safe by displaying your mobile screen on a large head unit display. It makes our journey more enjoyable and excited.

In this article, we will discuss all the issues and problems related to CarPlay and also discuss possible solutions for all issues. We will cover all issues that are given below.

Table of Contents

How to connect apple CarPlay

  • First of all, start the car.
  • Turn on the Siri.
  • Connect the iPhone with your car.
  • Connect the Car with iPhone with a data cable or otherwise connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth or WIFI.
  • If your car supports CarPlay then long tap on the voice command button which is present on your steering.
  • Your stereo should be in wireless and Bluetooth mode.
  • Go to setting
  • Tap on General
  • Select the option CarPlay
  • Tap on your car and then swipe the toggle to turn it on.

Control CarPlay via Siri

There are two methods by which you can control CarPlay with SIRI

  • Long press on the voice command button present on your steering wheel and let Siri ask you questions to do.
  • Long press on the CarPlay home button which is present on your CarPlay screen and let Siri ask you questions to do.

Apple CarPlay not working

There may be many reasons for not working on Apple CarPlay like connection problems and many other reasons. First of all, check whether your country is supported by CarPlay or not.

Check if CarPlay is allowed while locked

  • Go to setting
  • Tap on General
  • Select the option CarPlay
  • Tap on your car and then swipe the toggle to turn it on.

After doing this makes sure that there is no any restriction for application. For this

  • Go to setting
  • Tap on Screen time
  • Select the content and privacy restriction option.
  • Then tap on Allowed applications.
  • Make sure that CarPlay is turn on.

If Apple CarPlay not connecting or your phone is not detected any CarPlay

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General 
  • Go to CarPlay
  • Tap your car
  • Then tap Forget This Car. 
  • Then Set up CarPlay again.
  • Make sure that your CarPlay stereo is using the latest firmware from the car manufacturer.

Connectivity issue

  • If you are connecting your phone with a car with a USB cable then change the data cable and use the Apple-branded cable, use a different port if one port is not working, make sure that your cable is properly connected with the Phone and port.
  • If you are connected wirelessly then make sure that you’re WIFI and Bluetooth are connected.

If you are still facing the connection or not working problem then update the IOS software and then reset the settings. After rest and updating if you are still facing the issue or problem the contact Apple Support.

Sometimes connectivity issues could be because of the Older IOS version. Keep your IOS version up-t-date, get here the way how to update iPhone IOS.

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