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How we can get followers on Instagram

As we are familiar with Instagram, we can share our contents like videos, photos, stories on Instagram. It is a source of enjoyment. We can talk to our friends through voice calls and video calls. Hence it is a good source of enjoyment for our free hours. Besides this, it is also good for business and marketing.

Nowadays, Instagram has become an important marketing place. If you are an Instagram user, you would see many posts of selling and buying products. It is a very good place where you can build your business, create an online presence and get fame very easily. It promotes your brand very much. So, join Instagram and build up your business.

Now, a very important question is how to bring traffic to my Instagram profile. I am going to tell you the important tips which will help you to gain traffic on your profile. How to get followers on Instagram? Here are some exclusive tips to boost Instagram profile.

Instagram Business Account

The business account is the best option to boost up your profile. Famous business parties are using this account. In this account, Instagram allows a contact button where the direct message, Email or SMS can be sent to the business representative. You can deal with other business representatives. You can share boost contents.

Importance of Bio link

There should be complete info about your business or company on your profile page. Always write a bio link on your profile page. Put the following phrases in your post to boost up your page.

  • Campaign Page
  • New collections
  • Check discount

Make your caption attractive that it draws people attention to your brand or business-like

  • Tap on the link and know about us.
  • For the full story check out our page.
  • For more info, see our bio link on the profile page.

Verified Account

You will have seen many accounts with blue ticks; these are verified accounts. It has been verified by Instagram management after complete access. So go to the terms and policy of Instagram and send all of your information to them and get a verified account.

Instagram Stories

Another legal way to increase insta followers, If you have a low Instagram follower don’t worry follower doesn’t matter a lot. You can gain followers by posting your contents on Instagram stories. Make stories attractive with good captions. Be consistent in your works. Know the algorithm of Instagram. Posting your bio link in your stories is also very beneficial to get traffic on your profile.

Creativity in stories

Make your Instagram story creative by adding filters and other good features. Going live it can help you to get traffic. Conduct live sessions and tell the important things and features to your followers about your business or brand.

Questions Stickers

Post Instagram question stickers on your stories and then answer all these questions with a separate link. Share your entire participant’s name in a live session. It builds interest and people are feeling enjoyed by your questioner.

Instagram Ads

One of the fast and most good methods to gain traffic on your profile is Instagram ads. This is a guaranteed way to achieve fame and popularity. In this method, Instagram will boost up your page and you get thousands of followers and likes.

Concentrate on quality instead of quantity

Most users are focusing on the number of followers but the quantity of followers doesn’t matter. We should focus on the quality of followers. We should develop a technique to gain followers of our interest rather than boosting the followers that is why quality really matters.

Activate Notifications o follower

You need consistency and remain active to answer the question of the viewer’s responses. By turning on notification you can easily answer the question that your client has been asked. This is also helpful to gain traffic.

Attractive Handle

Assume that you have not registered yourself on Instagram, use the attractive handle for your profile that is easy to type, read and write. It should be short, attractive and easy to type rather than long and difficult.

Hire someone to deal with Direct Messages

Hire someone to reply to a direct message when you gain popularity. People ask you a lot of questions through direct messages then you should have someone who replies to each message. The instant reply gives you a good response from the client.

Display Picture

Updating display pictures or profile pictures really matters. If you are not updating the picture, I will note attractive to viewers. Keep your profile picture up to date. It forces traffic to check out your page. And in this way, you will get fame.

Instagram highlights

Highlights are the most important way to deliver your message to your follower. Highlights remain on the page for 24 hours and after 24 hours it will disappear automatically. When you post something on Instagram then also share this post on Instagram highlights. Some users only see highlights instead of the newsfeed. This way you can boost up your post.

Direct Messages

Send the bio link or product link to your followers or other users in direct messages because most people have little time to scroll news feed that is why it is very important. When you launch some new product and post it on your profile, copy the link of that post and send it to all your followers. It will make your product gain popularity.

Regular Posting

Another instagram followers hack, Post per day gives you a lot of response from viewers. More you post the more you gain followers and likes. 1 to 6 posts per week can double your followers. From these figures, we can understand the importance of regular posting.

Instagram Posting

You don’t need an office or go to the market to sell your products. Instagram makes it very easy. Simply you have a camera and internet connection. Capture the pictures of your products; post it on your profile and hashtag your keywords. You can do all this procedure in seconds.

Choose best time

Choose the best time to post your content. Don’t post things when people are at work or sleeping hours. Analyze the traffic-free hours then post your content.


  • Instagram is a place where you can build your business, create an online presence and get fame very easily. It promotes your brand very much. So, join Instagram and build up your business.
  • By following the above 17 points you can easily increase traffic on your profile.

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