I lost my phone at home and that’s on silent What to do?

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Tracking a lost mobile holding another mobile

Technology has granted many favors to humanity, we almost are dependent on humanity and that has a great effect on our lives, it can also be used for Spying. If you want to access a phone without installing any kind of software on that phone, then I think you’re on the right track. Here I will discuss with you the techniques with which you can easily access a phone without installing software on them.

Tap to get free Google “Find my device” Service

Method to Find the device without installing any app

In this method, we use The Online Google Account to access the Phone to track lost mobile phone, and without installing the software in it. Every Phone has the Built in function of this finding, if you Have to access the target Phone. You Can Do these simple steps.

Step 1 – First of all, make it very sure that the target phone has an active cellular connection.

Step 2 – Access account settings of the target phone, probably the Google account, by a browser going on to the google account.

Step 3 – Select The Device Manager

Step 4 – Scroll to the ‘Find my Phone’

Step 5 – You will need the google Sign in information for this of the targeted phone.

Step 6 – You can then follow these steps and access the exact location of the target phone and also copy or delete all the data in it.

So By following this technique, you can actually spy on a target phone without installing the software on it. Incase if you are downloading any software must care about these before downloading an app.

How To Find The Location Of The Phone

To Find the location of a phone you can do these simple steps

  • Access it by your Phone’s Account
  • You can Do This By using the phone’s account credentials that you used for registering.

Locate your Android

To do this you will need your phone to be active on internet, then you can simply Use the method 1 and locate your phone, if you are using your Google Phone, then you will see 3 Options there

  • Find My phone
  • Ring/Vibrate
  • Erase Data

Locate your IPhone

To track your IPhone, or an apple product then you can do these simple steps for this, The Process of finding and locating the IPhone is same as that of finding your android device

  • Go to the apple site and sign in with your apple ID
  • Navigate to Locate IPhone
  • Click and select your Device that you are looking for and access our phone’s location

what to do if your phone is on silent and you can’t find it?

If your phone is on mute or silent and you cannot find it, then probably you can find it by This method. If you can’t find your phone, you have placed it somewhere and you don’t remember where you have put it then you can use this method

  • Make sure you WI-FI or cellular data is connected
  • Access your phone by the method 1, and there you will see an option of Vibrate and ring
  • This will cause your phone to ring and vibrate loud out, even if you have placed it on a mute or silent mode.

Find Your Android or IPhone Device

To find your device if you have dropped it somewhere, or you have put it somewhere and cannot find it, so you not need to be worried because after reading this article you will be able to find your phone, you can track your phone’s location, you can also make it ring out loud, or you can also make it ring and vibrate, another option here is that if your phone has been stolen then you can also remove your phone’s data completely and be sure that no one has access to your phone’s data.


How to track a lost phone? Hope you found the desired info, Technology has moved so fast that you can actually have no fears of losing your phone, find the location of your phone very easily without installing any app. You can take the easy services of Google. This will lead you to get the exact location of your phone just search “Find my phone” in google.

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