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Playing game on android to earn money

Nowadays, people are not playing to enjoy, they also play games to earn money and earn their livelihood. Many methods are available where you can earn money. You get money by PayPal directly into your account and you also get gifts and vouchers.

These vouchers can be used for online shopping and you can also withdraw this money through PayPal. This comprehensive topic gives you a lot of information about earning money by playing games.

How you can earn money by playing online games and how it actually works, methods of withdrawal, and much more. Real money games are true or not?

How to earn money from online games?

Yes, online games pay you money to convert your money directly to your PayPal account. Winning in such types of games is paid.

 You can also make your money double by playing and winning that game. It is not an Illegal process of earning you can play games on PC, Windows, Linux, MAC, Smartphone, etc. money few important games are Mistplay, SwagBucks, Lucktastic, and InboxDollar, etc.

Steps to earn money playing games on your Smartphone

Can we Earn money by playing games on android? Of course yes! Here are tips for you

How to get paid to play games?

You don’t need to worry about the game playing tools like joystick and Xbox etc. I have already told you you will earn money without investing a single cent. So don’t worry about spending money.

You need a computer PC and internet connection or if you have a Smartphone then simply Smartphone and internet connection are enough. Always choose games of your interest and if you are among those entire people who don’t want to play games or feel irritated to play games then don’t go for this. There are so many methods like this to choose one of your choices.

Real Money Games earning and Website

It is a good opportunity for all gamers who entertain ourselves by playing games they can also earn money by playing a game of their interest I am not telling you to leave your job and earn money by playing games, If you are waiting for your turn inside a bank or you are waiting for your doctor in clinic then play the game for time pass. There are many apps and websites for games that really give you money. Here is the list below of Games that pay money.

Long Game

Long Game is another platform for earning money. It provides you enjoyment as well as money. You can play this game in your free hours and also fulfill your financial goals.

Keep in mind that this game is not free once you install it you will get 30 days free trial then you will have to buy the premium account. Your installation will be done only when you will join your bank account with a Long Game account.

The monthly plan for the Long Game account is 3$. It is a safe app and saving account come via a partnership with  Blue Ridge Bank it means that all your contributions are FDIC insured.


Lucktastic provides you a daily ticket then you can play your online game and earn money. You can win 5000-10000$ and you can withdraw this money through your Dwolla account.

If you failed to get cash then don’t panic it has a very important feature it will provide you earning point and gifts which can be redeemed for Amazon shopping and Hotels. One of the finest games that pay real money.


InboxDollar provides you great services regarding earning money. It not only paid to them who are a good gamer it has multifarious service like watching videos and online surveys and you can earn a lot of cents to do this.

You can search for the game that you want to download and then you also have the option to practice this game free of cost. InboxDollar gives you 18 percent online cashback from casinos this game can be played on android, PC IOS, etc. If you have no knowledge about the game and want to earn money don’t worry Go and watch the video and earn cents


Swagbucks a paying platform to play games

You can play this game without investing a single cent. You can earn 2-3$ per hour and this app also works on any operating system like Windows, android, and IOS. You can payout your money through PayPal and also receive your gift via email.

Now the question is how it actually works to understand this first of all creates your SB account then login. Then play the game earn points and cash. Redeem those points for Amazon and cash withdraw.

They give you money by playing games and for the users who don’t want to play games, there is another service that SB provides. They also pay for watching online videos. Visit Swagbucks for more info.

Other methods to Earn money by Gaming

There are so many methods to earn money by playing games, some apps that pay you to play games.

Compete in e-sports

If you are a good gamer and you have a good grip in-game like counter strike 1.6 etc you constantly beat your opponent then go in an E-sports competition where your performance will be shared live to other gamers.

Esports is a million-dollar industry where you can participate in the competition in fighting games shooter games and card etc the average salary for a person who participates in e-sports is about 60,000$ to 600,000$.

Your game will be streamed among all fans and they will see your game performance Twitch gaming channel Twitch gaming is live streaming games it actually works on the principle of e-sports. You can stream your video game live on the channel and the twitch channel provides you 2.5$/subscriber.

Gaming YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is the best option to earn money because earning money through YouTube is easy.

Make money playing video games and do live streaming or simply publish them like the gameplay on YouTube. You can earn money in two ways first one is recording your screen. For this start recording your screen while playing the game then upload this recorded video to your YouTube channel.

Immature gamer comes and see your video and learn the skills that you have shown in your game. The second one to share your screen live on your channel this is the same process that I have already discussed in the E-sports section.

Search sponsors

If you have a good win percentage and good record in-game then search your sponsor this is the same as the actors do and the sponsor attracts them by judging their acting skill.

If you have a good win-loss record and you have a good grip in-game that you play. The sponsor will automatically search you on basis of your skill. You will also promote yourself by advertising on social media.

Play Online card tournaments

You can also participate in an online casino or play poker online. These are well-paying games. For this go to Google search and enter an online casino and then play gamble. Win the bet and earn money. Poker is the best game for this.

 Sell game account and equipment

You can also sell your game account on different market places like Facebook, Whatsapp. The method to sell an account is simple you can post your account detail and specification in the different Facebook groups.

Then a serious customer will come to your post and buy it. For example, you are a player of 8 Ball Poll and you have billions of coins and legendary cues then you can sell this account easily on Facebook.

Gaming blogs

Starting a gaming blog is another way to earn money. For this you have complete information about the game then make a blog and post it on the website. You should write important online gaming tips and shortcuts methods of games.

Also, write errors and problems that gamers can face during playing. You would see that people are only writing about games but no one writes about online games.

Develop a Video game

If you are good at graphic designing then develop your own game and launch it on play store. This can be done only if you have knowledge of games, graphic designing and you have good grip on coding then you can develop your video game and earn money.

Game Columnist

If you are tired and don’t want to play the game. You have a lot of knowledge about games then write articles about games and then published them on different websites that have good website traffic.

O simply develop a website for games and write articles about games and also write good feature, error and important tips for games then published it on your website.

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  • Online Games is a good source to earn money where you can earn money in different ways
  • You need only operating systems like Android, PC, and IOS, etc, and a good internet connection. You should have PayPal and skill account for a cash payout
  • You can earn money without investing a single cent.
  • Starting blogs, YouTube channel, e-sports, developing a video game, sale game account is another method to earn money for gamers. Besides this, there are many Game apps that pay real money.

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