Controlling the Home Appliances with Smart Phone – Ultimate Guide

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Controlling the Home Appliances with Smart Phone

With the Proliferation of Technology, It is now possible to control some of your home appliances Such as your TV, Your Air conditioner, your Fans, your lights, and other things with your Smartphone.

Here is the complete Guide to Connect Phone to Smart TV.

WHAT? is it true? The answer is yes We actually can control our These things, as we have seen in the magical science videos, where the next generation of Technology have eased human life so much,

In this article, I will be sharing a bunch of information with you that how to do this mind-blowing thing at your home, what you actually need to turn your Ordinary bored self manually controlled home into a set of a science Film, that you don’t actually have to get up and use your hands to turn off the lights and fans, Just do it by your Technology.

So let’s just continue to our Article.

How this magic of controlling devices works?

Basically, if we want to control the home appliances virtually then we need to go through some of the terminologies and understand what those are and how they work. So you will be in need of two things that you can use to control the Appliances which are given as:

  • An IR RECIEVER circuit connected with the appliance to be controlled
  • An IR Blaster Device which means you should have a Phone which has an IR Blaster

What is an IR Blaster?

IR circuit

An IR Blaster means a device that waves out the Infra-Red radiations that is caught by the IR receiver on the other hand and it functions by controlling the device by the Algorithm with which the circuit of the IR blaster has been made of. It’s actually a very good option to control the home appliances with no effort.

The Process Of Making the IR circuit and connect it to your home appliance

Follow these steps to make an IR circuit and connect it to your appliance you desired to control

  • STEP 1

First, you have to make a circuit or buy a circuit that has this kind of configuration

This Circuit can be made or even can be bought easily at an electric shop; you don’t have to build it actually.

  • STEP 2

 In This Step connect your circuit you home appliance like an LED, Or a TV fan or a washing machine, or any other electrical appliance you use.

  • STEP 3

in this step, you will need your Phone which has an integrated IR Blaster, and which you have to use for controlling your device.

  • STEP 4

Step four is to install any of the IR Blaster app from the Google Play store, with which you can control your device, install it, and boom now you can control all of your devices with this.

Famous Devices you can use to control with your IR Blaster Phone

These are the famous devices you can use to control with your Phone

  • Air Conditioners
  • The TV
  • Fans
  • LED lights

these all can be controlled with the IR control and we can actually have the rest of not waking up at midnight and turn the damn light off or on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will be discussing the common questions asked by the People, for the problems they face

How do Check If I have already an IR Blaster?

To check if your phone already have an IR blaster you can do several steps

  • Check your Phone’s Hardware specifications
  • Run a system feature test
  • Install an IR Blast checker app

You can do any of the above-mentioned steps and check if your phone got an IR blaster or not.

Can you manually download an IR Blaster?

No, IR blaster cannot be downloaded to your phone, it’s a feature that comes with your phone, and which means your phone has the ability to send out the Infra-Red waves off your phone that helps you control your Home Appliances

Is IR Blaster a Built-in Function?

Yes, IR Blaster is a Built-in Function, that comes up with your device so that you can control the devices with your phone, But don’t worry If your device do not have an IR Blaster, you can manually have an IR blaster added to your phone by making one and connecting it to your phone via the Headphone slot or the charging one.


Overall, IR Blaster is a great option so that you can have your Home Appliances, like your TV, AC, and LED bulbs and Fans be controlled with your Phone, by just a click away.

The world is growing fast and we can enjoy the perks of it and It will be really Good and joyful for us to have such great Inventions with time passing. 

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