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Connect your phone with smart tv easy tips and tricks

In this modern era, people are not aware of the dish antenna system. Gone are the days when people use this service to watch TV and there were a lot of problems with this method. Sometimes people faced signal hindrance and many problems like this. In the modern era, you will face no problem regarding this because advancement in technology eliminates all such problems.

Now, you can also connect your Phone to Smart TV. There are a lot of methods to connect your phone to the TV. You can connect via Bluetooth, HDMI cable, or wirelessly.

Screen mirroring is a technique by which you can share your small cellular screen on your Television by using many methods. You can mirror your phone screen to television on many apps.

Many built-in apps are in TV like Chromecast and if your device is not compatible with Chromecast then there are many other options like this. You can simply share your screen using an HDMI adapter.

Bluetooth is another option for this. In this article, I am going to tell you all the methods that will help you.

How to connect phone to TV with USB cable

How to connect phone to tv without wifi? Advancement in technology also enables us to connect Andriod phones to TV with HDMI cable. If you feel the anxiety to watch your contents on the small screen of your phone or you want to share it on PC or TV.

This is a method to shore via cable. There are sometimes times when you wish to share your phone screen on your android LED or television. Then you have an option to share it via HDMI cable.

Connect Phone to Smart TV By Using USB-C or C-Type data cable

The Oval shape USB connector is known as USB-C or C type data transfer cable. You can share your data via USB-C to TV and you can see photos, videos and watch movies. You can also play a game on your smart LED tv and charge your mobile phone.

When you connect your phone to the TV via USB-C, you will see the options like charging your device, transferring your data, etc. Select the option to transfer your data. Then you can see your small phone screen on the smart tv.

MHL cable

Connect Phone with Tv via MHL cable
  • MHL stands for mobile high definition link. Through this cable, you can connect your phone to LED or Smart TV. Make sure that your device is compatible with MHL. If yes then you have an MHL HDMI adapter or cable. MHL cable is one of the best and the easiest way to connect your phone to Television.
  • By using HDMI converter – If your device has no port for HDMI or C type cable. Use an HDMI converter. It has a multi-port through which you can change your port. Put the HDMI cable in HDMI and then put the output cable in your Smart TV. In this way, you can share your phone data on a smart TV.

By using USB-Storage device

USB ports are also present on the side of your TV. If you want to watch videos, movies, etc simply connect your TV with a USB then select the video that you want to watch then open it and watch.

Modern TV devices are not compatible with a mass storage USB. Don’t worry, I will tell you the procedure of how you can connect those TVs (which are unable to connect with USB) with USB Mass storage.

Simply connect your phone with USB then connect this phone with TV then you will be able to share your data on Smart TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV

iPhone is not portable with USB hence there is a problem for users but it can be connected with television by using a lightning Adapter. If you are using iPhone 5 or the newer one then you can connect your iPhone to Android TV.

Lightning AV adapter is the best solution for iPhone users. If you want to connect your iPhone with Smart TV then plug one side of HDMI with USB and plug it on the backside of the TV.

Plug the lightning cable in your phone and then go to the phone setting search for an HDMI input that you want to share. Click on the desired content and watch it.

How to connect phone to TV wirelessly

In the twenty-one century, with the advancement in technology, you can do those things that are beyond the comprehension of old people. As I have told you all the methods to connect your Smartphone with television.

Now I am going to tell you all the methods in which data cable is not used. These all are wireless methods. Many apps are there by which you can mirror your mobile screen on a smart TV. Bluetooth is another way to screen share.


The second generation Chromecast 1

Chromecast is an easy way to share your screen on the TV. By using a Chromecast dongle you can play video, watch a movie, or share your photos on Smart television. Some Televisions have a built-in Chromecast app.

If your device is not built-in then purchase Chromecast and plug it in an HDMI port. Make sure that both devices have the same WIFI connection.

Chromecast is only for copy write trusted if you share Netflix on your TV by Chromecast you will only listen to audio and you will get no video.

Android Screen Mirroring

Android screen monitoring is an app that you can install on almost all phones up to 4.2 Android. 

Screen mirroring is a method by which you can share your screen on your Television. Many apps are also available on the play store app store by installing those apps you can mirror your screen on the TV.

These apps don’t have a cast button. For the cast, the button goes to Google home or go to the android setting for this button. Download the Google Home app from the Play store and then log in to your account and connect your WIFI.

Select the device that you want to cast. Click on cast my screen to share your phone screen on the TV. LocalCast, DLNA, AllCast are the apps by which you can easily share your screen with the TV.


Roku is a TV box by which you can watch videos, movies. It is the easiest way to access thousands of movies and videos and it has high-resolution quality videos that are liked by customers.

Roku also has an HDMI port. The Method to connect Roku with TV is very simple to connect HDMI with TV and then supply power to the Roku device. Now you have easy access to thousands of movies.

It has a high quality like HD or 4K HDR. It has a voice search, volume button, and power button. It also has a WIFI device that has a very long range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Built-in Features

Many phones also have built-in features like Bluetooth. Through Bluetooth, we can also play audio on our smart TV by connecting the phone to the TV.

If you are using Samsung TV then there is a built-in feature in Samsung phones known as Smart view. With this feature, we can also connect Samsung Phone to Samsung TV.


There are many methods by which we can connect our cell phones to television. By cable, we can connect TV to Phone i.e. HDMI, MHL cable and USB, etc.

And wirelessly we can connect mobile with the TV via Bluetooth, Apps, Roku, Android screen mirroring, and Chromecast is the Wireless methods to connect your phone to TV.

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