How to change icons and themes on android

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change icons and themes with limitless opportunities and features

The most powerful thing Android have given to its users is that they can change the way their app icons look and the beautiful themes that can be installed on android which otherwise not be possible on iPhones with jailbreak. It is really a perk of having an android, which gives us so many opportunities. Here in this article, we will discuss the possible methods for changing icons and themes on android

How you can change icons and themes on android? Well you can do this with various app or manually (from mobile’s system settings. We will describe this in both ways.

Changing Mobile themes, icons, wallpaper, writing style, etc. leads us to get unique attractiveness. If you have got bored for keep seeing the same screen style__ give a try to change its outlook (screen appearance). you will find a unique new feel. Might be weird to hear, but its works. Changing appearance (theme) or using the lite version may lead you to better the speed of mobile. Below are the possible methods of changing mobile themes and icon styles.

How to change icons and themes on android without launcher

There a number of possible ways to change themes on an android which are described as follows

Using the Theme store of your phone

Use the theme store of your phone and download desired themes on your android and change completely

 For Samsung

In Samsung ,  galaxy store is used for this purpose.

Follow these steps to change your phone’s app icons on it.

  • Swipe up home screen
  • Click  galaxy store
  • open themes and wallpapers
  • Or one can also search for the specific theme
  • apply it

On Huawei Phones

On Huawei Phones, the same procedure is used for downloading it from the app store provided by the phone, Follow these simple steps

  • Slide home button
  • Open settings
  • Open themes
  • Add themes you like.
  • Download themes from app store and apply it to change your icons

Change Themes & Icon With a Launcher

This is also a good option to change themes or icons on your android phone, it helps to give a new look to your phone, and you can actually have a good experience of running a fantastic android.

Launcher gives a new soul to the phone

Launcher changes the look of phone completely, with this you can have as many themes as you want, and with each theme icons of your phone will be changing completely.

Some of the best launchers to try for themes and icons

Here is the list of must try launchers for the android phones, which you can download from the playstore and customize your phone.

  1. Go launcher
  2. Nova launcher
  3. ADwex

Change icons using apps

You can also download several apps to customize your phone icons and get a lot of themes for them. Here are the apps you can try with your phone to get themes

X Icon changer

It is really a fun app which can be used to change the icons and you can use it without any fear of purchasing it, because it is free.
Follow these steps to change your themes

  1. Download this app from playstore
  2. Open it and chose which app you want to change the icon
  3. You can now chose icons which are shown there.
Use photos from gallery as icons for app

You can also use images from your gallery to change the app icons and use your own liked icons for them, just click on add from gallery while you are doing the step 3 of the above, and the your can have change your icon looks completely.

Final Verdict about this

This is a great method of changing the icons on your android phone, which has given the free boundaries to its users to control as much as you can. It can be used for having the look and beauty that you admire, and this changes your phone completely.

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