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How can we run COD on mobile via controller? List of Controller flexible with mobile to play call of duty

COD mobile is one of the evolution that gamers got and they really were waiting for this game for decades to be accessible on the phones. Pretty luck that last year, the developers rolled out the mobile version for the COD, and when it the market, pre-booking of the game to be installed hit the record.

We will see the complete procedure to control and play call of duty mobile with a controller, and it is a very easy stepwise guide and no problem at all will be here and games can be played very efficiently

 Call of duty mobile abbreviation 

Call of duty mobile is the abbreviation of COD, back in the year 2019, it was the most popular and the most anticipated thing ever by the gamers of the mobile platform.

Does COD mobile support controller support?

Call of duty mobile is one of the games, that has a built-in feature that allows us to play it with the controllers, moreover Call of duty mobile also has a very smooth running feature without the controller being disconnecting during the playtime.

What kinda controller are Flexible with COD mobile?

There are officially 2 types of controllers that work with the COD mobile, which are listed as follows

List of compatible controller

This is the list of call of duty mobile controllers:

1.       Dual shock by Sony

2.       Controllers by XBOX

Easy steps to play Call of duty mobile using controllers

Follow these simple steps and step by step guide to connect your controllers with your android or iPhone and play the call of duty mobile game.

The Process of setting up the controller with your android or iPhone

We can use and follow these simple steps to set up the controller.

Steps for pairing

Here are the steps you can follow

  • Step 1

Turn your controller into the sharing mode, or the pairing one.

  • Step 2

Open Bluetooth settings, add a controller.

  • Step 3

The phone receives IR signals and the name of the controller shows there

  • Step 4

Now, click on pair, allow your permission, and then say yes.

  • Step 5

After pairing has successfully done, then the COD mobile can be played.

Final Words about COD mobile

Finally, we can say that controllers are a great option for playing call of duty mobile, and it will provide us a great experience gaming, With Xbox and PlayStation controllers we can connect our android and iPhones with our controller and can play call of duty on our phone.

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