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Keep an eye on mobile by getting these spy apps

Spying apps are getting famous these days, we get a bunch of apps here, that helps us to keep an eye on others’ phone, and probably we are just doing it for the sake of ethical means, just to get the information of what are our kids doing, what they are surfing on the internet, or the employees of our company, they are not stealing the data and using It for their own benefits.

Is spying is illegal?  No, it’s not! But the condition is you are not hacking or stealing data or privacy stuff. Spying is allowed is-case you want to keep an eye on toddlers or on youngers ones in ethical means. News Source

You can go through this article and get a complete guide for getting the information about installing the software, which is essential to spy on the target phones. For your kids, your partners, or your company employees.

Best hidden spy apps for Both Android & iPhone

This includes the app list, which has the number of advantages and features for getting anything in the phone.


Cocospy is also among one of the best hidden spy apps for android, that do it’s chores efficiently and do not let the antimalware to get a hint that it’s tracking the phone and getting it’s data.

Features of cocospy

Here are the benefits of getting the cocospy app

  • Super reliable

It is one of the best apps designed for androids and you can use it very easily

  • Easy to use

Very easy to use and can be installed on the phone and then install on the device and stalk

  • Free app

Absolutely free app and no purchase necessary

  • Tracks everything

Messages, calls, GPS and much more

  • No detection

Resistant to the anti-virus apps

Using the app
One can use this app, by first signing up on the official site and then downloading and installing the app on the desired phone, after that login to the control panel and then you can access everything you want to see.

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The WiSpy

WiSpy is an unbelievable app, it works like a charm and no one ever doubts that it is installed on the phone, it nearly works like a smile and gives you all the secret information of your kids and lovers. That otherwise would be really difficult.

WiSpy is a guru of spy apps as:

These are the best features of WiSpy app that makes it really unique from others

  • Low pricing

It starts with free first month trail and reasonable prices and plannings

  • On phone things

Calls, messages, logs, from social media and from the sims can be seen with it.

  • GPS tracking

Real time location is accessible with this app.

  • Can listen what the target phone user says

Can listen to the surroundings using this feature

Download Links

Wi Spy
Wi Spy
Developer: Satistrum
Price: Free+


Flexispy is also among the apps that gives a full user friendly experience of getting the data and spying on the others phone.

What makes flexispy so unique?

Consider as best spy app for iPhone, aims at giving the best services to it’s users by providing them the following services

  • Low rates of service
  • Messages and logs of calls
  • Skype viber and WhatsApp tracking

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It is also a good app that aims at tracking the target phone’s data and without any kind of detection it is very helpful app and can be used very efficiently

The golden opportunities with this app

These are the things provided by the mobistealth app

  • Gmail
  • Snapchat
  • Viber(rooted)
  • Calls and messages
  • Package 1 : 59$/month
  • Package 2 : 69$/month

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Teensafe (FREE)

Teensafe is the best app in the android world that gives access to the target phone data very efficiently.

One can use it very easily and can do the screening of the phone’s data, all the messages and logs and the important things like the GPS location, the social media accounts chats and histories can be stalked with this software, and plus point of this is that it’s absolutely free software.

Totally Free

This app is totally free, and providing all those basic spying mobile feature you are looking for.

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Minspy is the software that helps to give the full-time experience of tracing the logs and messages histories of the target phone.

One gets the all functions and the real-time pleasures of getting the live location and the messages that are coming straight to the cellular network sim or the social media apps also that one can get the real-time features.

Flexible to your mobile

Minspy Comes in various version, some apps are not compatible with your device. But this comes with different updates version. You can download any that adjust with your mobile.

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Final words

Finally, we say that mobile apps that are used for spying purposes should only be used for parental control or stalking someone if you are the brother or friend, these should not be at unethical aims, otherwise, you are playing and manipulating with someone’s privacy and may be subject to the victim of stalking.

So we should only be using these apps for parental control, or for in the relationship if you do’ trust your partner. Otherwise, if you don’t trust your partner then take my relationship advice and ask your partner to give you the passwords of his/her device. Lol! jk.

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