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How to secure your mobile apps

App security is not needed, it has become a necessity. Most users are worried about the security of apps and the data which is stored in those apps. Many hackers have access to your applications and they can steal your data. If you follow these steps you can lessen your security issue.

How to secure an App

  • Bugs in code provide easy access to the attacker to take control of your application. Malicious code affects your device very much.
  • Make sure that your chats, videos, messages in social media applications are end to end encrypted. End to End encryption means you will not be shared to third parties like WhatsApp, Instagram and messenger. It means that even these apps have no access to your data.
  • When your data is encrypted, then try to harden everything. Harden means to reduce the risk of attack by someone on your application. Enhancing your app security system is also known as hardening software
  • Make sure that your servers are up to date. When an update is available go and update your applications.

How to secure an app by app locker

In the modern era, mobile phones are a basic need. If we have no phone we can’t do many things. Our phone contains many sensitive and personal data like online banking etc online banking apps contains our info as well as money so that app locker for all those apps are needed for users. We are using many apps in which our data is present so the securities of those apps are essential.

 Today we can see many apps like this. Play store or app store is full of security apps that can secure your apps. I have already told you that the security of an app has become a necessity. App locker eliminates all such problems. Users simply install the app locker app from the store and then simply secure the desired app or data with help of the app locker. You can secure your app by pin or password. Most app lockers started a new security system i.e. biometric verification lock. It is the safest way to secure an app by fingerprint. There are many app locker applications in the store.

Best App lockers

Now we are going to know about the best apps that can secure your apps and your personal and sensitive data.

App locker

App locker is the best app where you can store your data, images, videos. You can also secure your applications and other features like setting etc by password or pin. This app also has a battery saving mode. Once you install this app then you need not worry about battery consumption because it has a built-in feature of battery saving. This app also has a feature of hiding apps.

Norton App lock

It’s also an app locker and is the top-rated app on the play store. It is an ad-free app locker and it provides great services. You can secure your app by pattern, password or pin. It also has a sneak peek feature.  This feature helps you to recognize the person who is attempting 3 wrong password attempts. It also prevents the uninstallation of apps. Without your consent, nobody can do uninstallation.

Smart App lock

Smart app lock is another app of this category. This app has an additional fingerprint verification feature. If your device has a fingerprint scanner then this is the best app for you. You can also lock and secure your app by pattern, pin, and password. New Android users can use this app. This requires low memory storage that’s why it is working very well and it gains fame. This is not an ads-free app.


It is another wonderful app. By using this app you can secure your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, etc by password and pin. You can also lock your gallery and setting. This app also has built-in features like a storage cleaner and the main screen lock. So it provides multiple services regarding security. By using this you can hide your data videos, pictures, etc in your vault then no one has access to reach it.


Biometric verification is the safest way to secure your data. Fingersecurity app also provides this service. You can secure videos, apps by setting your fingerprint. You can also lock other toggles of your phone like the gallery, setting, and other things like this. The advanced feature of this app prevents uninstallation. If you don’t want to share an app icon on the home screen. Simply hide it. Then this app will work in camouflage mode.

AppLock by IvyMobile 

IvyMobiles develop good applications regarding security issues and it provides easy access to lock your desired content by this app. You can hide everything that you want. You can also make fake app icons on the home screen. It has a feature to capture the photo of persons who are indulging to unlock your device. It also has a private vault where you can hide your photos, videos. It also prevents your app to uninstallation 

Final wording

  • You can secure your app by encryption, hardening. You can also secure your app and server by keeping it updated to date.
  • App lockers also secure and lock your application. You can also save your mobile by hiding apps.

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