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Get here the list of Apps for General Knowledge

It’s a normal thing which we need ourselves up so far. General knowledge is quite important and It’s essential to demand an interview or alternative tests that are taken before the beginning of any occupation. Current affairs are matters which are occurring around the world and it associated with all types including heaths, sports and games and wellness issues, etc. 

When we look at competitive tests, here the 2 primary Subjects that are extremely hard for applicants are General knowledge and current affairs so these both are extremely crucial for our future.  General knowledge helps our thoughts to comprehend the facts and statistics of the entire world and it’s actually crucial and interesting items. We can learn a lot of things about different societies, languages, cultures. 10 Best Apps for General knowledge and currents affairs questions.

10 Best app for general knowledge

In this topic, we’ll find out the best applications that are really very good working and they supply us excellent understanding. These programs have current affairs and general knowledge questions where it is possible to learn and prepare for any aggressive exams and also make you a prosperous individual.  

Best Apps for General knowledge and currents affairs questions

GKToday Program

It’s very good program and it has enormous general knowledge questions And also you’ll be able to prepare yourself for civil services assessments or other Competitive examinations such as CSS, PMS and others like that. It’s multi knowledge about Present affairs, General knowledge geography, Maps, History, Economics, facts, and statistics about World, etc.  

Salient features

  • It’s enormous General knowledge accessibility. 
  • It has vast General knowledge availability.
  • It covers all aspects like Current affairs, history, geography, economics, maps, etc.
  • You can use it on Desktop, Android, and IOS.


Price: Free

Wikipedia is the first website when you search for something on Google hence it’s the most recognizable site of users and also you are able to find any info about any item associated with your research bibliography, geography, overall expertise, economics, etc.

It’s readily accessible in case you don’t need to download the program then you can just visit Google search and compose the desired content from the Wikipedia search box you would like to hunt then get information concerning it.  ·       

  • It’s a vast understanding of various factors, facts, and statistics. It’s 40 million-plus articles you’re able to acquire info. 
  • Its language attributes. 
  • Offline reading style is also offered. 
  • You may see no ads on Wikipedia and this website offers knowledge absolutely free of charge. 
  • It supplies good advice also it’s fantastic for teachers in addition to student. 


Developer: Glu
Price: Free+

QuizUp has also quite a good GK app among the most significant elements is that it is possible to play with quiz games within this program.  This program isn’t boring due to this feature. It helps your brain to acquire maximum knowledge without boring.

Salient features

  • Its vast general understanding topics’ ranges from easy to complicated ones. 
  • This program has messenger where you can touch and communicate with different people and make yourself more effective in communicating in addition to general knowledge. 
  • Among the most intriguing attributes is quiz games. 
  • It is possible to play game titles along with other general understanding seeker online pals.  You’re general knowledge enthusiast or desired to appear in.


Price: Free

You are a general knowledge seeker or wanted to appear in competitive exams in civil services or others? Then simply follow TED. It has huge general knowledge or current affairs questions and you can prepare yourself for exams by learning GK and current affairs from this application. This application is free of cost and it provides great knowledge and quality content to the users. Now take look at its features

Salient features

  • It covers matters regarding psychology, geography, regular science, schooling Etc. 
  • You are able to search your subject in the search dialog box. 
  • You are able to gain knowledge by seeing new videos on TED. 
  • Offline mode can be offered. You may download your preferred content such as video and audio and observe in your spare hours in offline mode. 
  • For later use, the bookmark attribute can also be there. Current Affairs-General knowledge Quizzes is also available.

Current Affairs-General knowledge Quiz

If you want to learn current affairs and general knowledge and make yourself a successful person then this application is best for you And create yourself a thriving individual then this program is most appropriate for you.

It is possible to learn knowledge about virtually every facet like mathematics, current affairs, geography, and data and statistics. This is quite an excellent application for all those who desired to provide examinations in civil solutions etc.

Salient features

  • It’s vast general understanding of accessibility. 
  • It is possible to get advice about different degree examinations such as CSS, PMS or alternative civic penalties’ tests. 
  • For government project evaluation general knowledge can be present in this app. 
  • You are able to provide many quiz evaluations and easily examine your abilities by providing these quizzes. 
  • Its multi attributes about providing information like audios, videos, news


If you want to make yourself efficient and fill your mind pregnant with general knowledge then curiosity will fulfill this desire. This application will give you more knowledge beyond your comprehension.

This program will provide you more knowledge beyond your understanding.  This program won’t offer just readable contents but also supply advice in various ways like electronic sources.  This program has also an amazing and appealing theme and you won’t end up bored. 

Salient features

  • It has approximately 5000 and articles that are extremely helpful for you. 
  • It’s readily accessible and supplies an efficient outcome
  • This program provides you notes, essays, and articles. This attribute makes this app quite distinctive. 
  • It’s just 1 language i.e. Lucid English

World GK

General Knowledge - World GK
General Knowledge - World GK
Developer: VD
Price: Free

Entire world GK is still among the very best software Where It’s Possible for You to access

Information regarding economics, geography, basic understanding, current affairs and

For lots of matters similar to this, you may dress your GK by daily-use with this particular application.  Additionally, it covers issues concerning regular science and technological innovation, etc… 

Salient features

  • It is not difficult to use and easily accessible.   
  • It is the about 25-plus language you’ll better your General understanding and Languages.
  • The software has a huge range of complete comprehension questions concerning 15000.    
  • Besides uploaded inquiries, this program also released queries on an everyday basis.   


Quora Is among the Absolute Most Well-known programs where It’s Possible

Receive virtually every remedy of this own question.  After you hunt some thing on Google You are able to observe the Quora at top queries on Google.

Additionally it is one of those purposes who have amazing understanding of that which.  You may keep in touch with different men and women within this program across the world where it’s possible to groom your English. 

Salient features

  • You can reach your reply quickly as a consequence of traffic on this site.   
  • That actually is an excellent way to discuss your information at all.        
  • An unbelievable variety of queries together with response are available with the specific site where are crucial in improvement of GK. 

General-knowledge Trivia

You’ll discover two elements with the program first you’re where you are ready to get ideas and discover by heart and the next part is for assessing your skills which is quiz evaluation.

Inside this, you are in a position to reiterate your skill or receive your personal preparation by giving the quiz. Below are the conspicuous features of General-knowledge Trivia

Salient features

  • You might get information free of an issue as information is organized in courses.  
  • Multiple choice questions to acquire overall comprehension will also be available that is going to be very great for enhanced prep.       
  • Online quizzes are rather crucial for getting your own groundwork.   Quizzes test are having bondage.    
  • Quizzes Online Games are also available with difficulty Ranges from simple to elaborate types. 

General Knowledge World GK

If you are drifting to Search for an application where nearly all overall knowledge happens then this program has come to be the best one. It’s possible to understand and keep your mind present by studying GK with that app. it has lots of famed vocabulary and you may translate any language into your native language. Translation features are a good one. Now visit its features

Salient attributes

  • It’s vast General comprehension Info along with exceptional quality materials
  • Translation mode can be present you can translate any language into the desired language.
  • It covers all subjects involving general comprehension.   
  • It has a vast overall understanding of Info along with excellent quality content. 
  • It covers all topics involving overall understanding. 
  • This program has a number of attributes and also Languages.

Final verdict

If you are not familiar with GK applications and you didn’t even use this kind of app then these are the best ten applications that will make your general knowledge and current affairs more efficient. Moreover, if you are willing to improve your basic English vocabulary or Grammer tap on highlighted.

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