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Apps For Assignments

How Mobile apps will help you out for doing assignment?

University life is a really fun place where we learn so many things by, playing and enjoying out with friends and buddies. But with these co-curricular activities, we go to school to study, and it is meant for education.

And university life has its own diversity with the methodology of teaching, giving a lot of experience and opportunities to the students to interact and learn.

What this article will contain?

This article will throw light on a vast topic of

  • The apps that every student must have
  • The filtered apps for time management
  • To make their study life balanced
  • Obviously the study planner apps
  • Schedule for study

Utilise Mobile For study

Having the homework in the schools to having the assignments in the college and university level the life of a youngster do changes with time. Nowadays it’s really a fun way to make your assignments in his era of technology.

All the information about our assignments, all the topics and courses is just a click away from us, and we can make our assignments very easily using these cool technology things. Mobile phone in your hands gonna this task easy for you. Let’s bring this mobile technology in regard to study too.

Easy to get desired data

In the past, we may be searching the assignment details from different books and sources, will be reading for several hours and then writing them, typing them, and making one.

But this is a modern era, things have changed so much, and every change is making our life reasonably more convenient and easier. Make a schedule for study and set a goal through these apps. Now you don’t have to visit the library or open various books to collect data, All the desired info is just a few clicks away!

Time management apps for students

The best study planner apps for the students and also helps the students to get their life in routine and   be a responsible student. A student who has his life arranged and committed his doings and action according to a specific time table is a successor of the future and his career. So if one wants to make his life ordered, this article has the best study planner apps for students.

Top apps Recommended for Education

Here we will discuss the top apps that will help us write our assignments very easily and in a professional manner. Let’s begin with the first one

1. XMind

XMind: Mind Map
XMind: Mind Map
Developer: XMind Limited
Price: Free+

XMind is also a great app for study for the students. It helps us to have our life organized and the students can learn some management by this app. It is a great app for study planning

Mind-blowing Features of XMind app

Here are the extraordinary features of XMind app

  • It helps to make a schedule of our routine
  • To make very good notes and to-do lists
  • To help us make a time table
  • To track all our assignment writing and progress in writing the assignments
  • To get all the necessary lectures on time
  • It’s not a free app, it costs about 12$ a year, but it can be a very budgeted app for every student
  • Can be downloaded only for the Apple devices

2. Planner pro- the personal organiser

Planner Pro - Personal Organizer
Planner Pro - Personal Organizer

It is one of the apps that are available for both android and iOS devices, it is very useful app for storing the notes and making the scheduled tasks for the daily life

Golden points for the apps

Here are the very cool services offered by the planner pro app

  • It notes downs all our personal scheduled tasks
  • The assignments and notes of every class
  • The information can be synched with the Google and can be remembered forever
  • It can be used to get a routine and balance in our life

3. Dictionary app

As the word defines itself, this app is specifically related to having your assignment of English subjects be made very easily. With this app we can be very quicker.

Functions provided by this app

These features are provided by dictionary app that is really awesome

  • Best app for our vocabulary
  • No search tensions of synonyms and antonyms
  • Has a vast collection of words
  • Can be used with great reliability
  • Is trusted by thousands of the students

4. Sleep if you can

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Here we are giving you a really fun app that will help you to complete your assignment on time if you are delaying it for a certain period of time. Like if you have your assignment due 2 days and you decide to take the assignment the last night.

But on the last night, you started to write and then suddenly you become really tired, but you decided to take a nap and work again in two or more hours, but an alarm cannot do this as you also know this perfectly so will be snoozing it. But here we will provide you the app that will not let you sleep and wake you up until you haven’t done a certain feature.

This app will make your work life balanced and also help you to schedule for study

How this app works? The key features

  Here are the key features of this app that will help you understand that how this app works

  • First you put a mission on the app that you have to do on the time you want to wake up
  • The mission can be anything like, clicking some snaps, or solving a complex problem
  • This app makes you feel energized more.
  • And this also helps you to do certain works on time like studying, and making your schedule tight.
  • This app will not stop beeping or alarming until you have completed the task

5. Toggl

Toogl is one of the apps that help us make our study life more scheduled and organized. It is a free app that you can store the daily tasks and do a lot of things

Best outcomes to get from Toggl

  • Tracking the daily life tasks you do
  • Helps you recognize which thing is important for you
  • Gives a very clear motive to manage your time
  • Is a very popular and free app 

6. Mathway, LLC

Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems
Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems

Best mobile app to solve math assignments. Just move your camera to question and capture that, that’s it__ you will find its answer with a complete step by step solution. Mathway is a very famous app among the math students, if we are having a very complex problem that is taking too much time and still not being solving then we can use this app for solving our math problems

Which problems can be solved by this app

  • The algebraic manipulations, the simple DMAS things
  • The complex derivation of theorems and problems
  • The derivatives and geometry
  • Only we have to do is to scan the question and let the app solve this and have your result

7. Study Blue

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes
StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes
Developer: StudyBlue
Price: To be announced

Study blue is also a great app to do the chores of the school, college and universities. It helps us do the assignments the notes and the classes taken by us and have them saved without fear of losing them.

Features of this app

  • Make class notes of our own
  • Make study sided
  • Share these with our friends
  • Have quizzes to test our knowledge

8. Taoist: Organise your life

It’s a great time management app, and also useful as schedule for study and recognized as the best study planner app.

Elementary points of this app

  • Helps us to make a to-do list and also track the progress
  • Gives us the scheduled time table storing feature
  • Also helps us to plan our study routine wisely
  • A free and legit app available both for the androids and iOS devices

9. Evernote

The first one on the list is Evernote; it is one of the apps that should have a very important place in a student’s life. It makes our work so easier that we can use it to make out assignments clear out to everyone.

Key features of this app

Here are the excellent points that this app has gained.

  • It let us make notes and assignments very easily
  • It is a very unique app
  • It saves our time much
  • It is available for both androids and apple phones
  • The notes can be uploaded to this app and can be downloaded no matter wherever you are.
  • Can also be used to send your assignments

10. Dragon Dictation

So, everyone asks for the shortcuts while they are studying, and it’s not a bad thing that we chose the shortcut methods. This app works perfectly for the students that feel tried and want their voice to do the chores.

Benefits of using this app

Here are the full key points of installing and using this app

  • Very easy to use for anyone
  • Can be used for voice writing
  • We use this app to let the app write just by speaking
  • Very great app to complete the assignments easily 
  • Is very reliable and free app to use

Final Verdict and conclusion about this Article

For a student, it is very important to have an organized life, and with so much advancement in this world, one must invest his time in something that helps him chase his/her goals easily. So, by managing his time, planning his daily tasks, and doing his work on time, we can really get a lot of fame and success.

So this article gives you a lot of apps that give us a very clear path to do and manage our time accordingly. Mainly we have discussed those apps that can help students with their assignments research, to find their solution easily in a short time.

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