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get list of best apps for android TV

Android TVs are getting real fame these days, and everyone is crazy about having one, they are now replacing the old fashioned TVs and are very unique in their texture and features they provide us.

We will have a gossip of android TV apps here and see what the best options for us are. Get the Best apps for Android TV__ Moreover, we can also connect Mobile with Smart Tv.

Android TVs best feature

The best thing about our android TVs is that we can watch live TV on them just by using our internet connection. We connect WIFI and then can play thousands of the channels on the TV apps available for android. So this is the best gift technology has given us.

How can we watch live TV on Android TVs?

We can watch thousands of live channels on our android TV just by having an internet connection. We can download relevant apps on our devices and then watch thousands of channels with just one click.

Best free live TV apps for android

Here is the list of the best free live TV apps for android. We can use these apps on our Android and android TVs as well. So let us show you the list of the best free live TV apps for android.

List of android TV apps apk

The list of best android tv apps are here as follows

1. Exodus live TV apk

Exodus Live tv is one of the variants which helps to watch LIVE channels on our android TVs. It is really a very good app to enjoy the perks of infinite channels without paying the cable fee.


Here are the things that come with the exodus live TV

  • 1000+ live TV channels
  •  Absolutely free of cost
  •  Have a filter option for viewing specific channels
  •  A very entertaining app
  • Giving a blasting experience
  •  Available for all the androids running above Android 4

2. Cinema apk

Cinema apk is among the apps that have provided us the best experience of having thousands of movie frees and without paying a cent. Well, it is completely legal and ethical to use, because the app is originally launched free from its developers.


These are the quality points this app gets, and why we recommend using this app on your Android TV devices.

  • Free and completely legit
  • No paying monthly subscriptions
  • Only be used with an active internet connection
  • Give us thousands of movies free
  • Is a very amazing and friendly app

3. Aptoide TV apk

It’s one of the TV apps that give us an amazing experience of surfing channels on TV. One of the leading app in the marketplace that has generated its place in the market very soon and it has provided its services very well to its users.


These valiant features make the aptoide TV so amazing and vibrant for installing that everyone having an android TV must give it a try.

  • No restrictions
  • More than 1000 channels
  • Hundreds of the movies
  • Separate filter options for contents
  • Absolutely free and amazing
  •  Completely legit and ethical to download
  •  More than millions of satisfied consumers

4. KODI (KDMC) apk

KODI is also a very nice app to use with your Android TV, it gives an amazing experience of having an Android TV. It helps us watch the type of content we want and just by having a stable internet connection and a click.


  • The best points that go in the favor of this app are specifically written as follows
  •  Absolutely free
  •  Legal and no fear of going to jail
  •  The download is available for free
  •   Many exciting contents for watching online
  •  Just an active and stable internet connection is needed for this

Is there anything that goes against this app?

Yes, one drawback of this app is that we have to download it with adds the feature, which means that we have to watch ads, this is the only lame feature of this app, otherwise, recommendation and satisfaction of this app is one of the best reason to download it.

5. TV player apk

TV player apk is an app giving us a whole surprising experience of watching fun shows and movies on the same platform. With this single app, we can watch millions of movies and thousand of TV Shows simultaneously.


These are the elementary features given by the TV player app

  • Free to download
  • No issue with streaming
  • Super cool picture quality
  • A very unique and excellent app to watch TV shows and movies

It’s a must-have app that we should try and watch TV channels with. And it is among the best free live TV apps for android

6. UkTVNOW app apk

One of the best worth app to install is the one we are discussing right now, UKTVNOW is one of the leading apps worldwide, it is making it’s placed worldwide so that it can be competing with the bigger apps.


Here are the golden words for the UkTVNOW app, which are making it’s worth more valuable

  •  Very popular among the USA UK and Canadians countries
  •  Giving us more than 1500+ live TV channels
  • Entertain app with exotic features in it
  • Absolutely free app that helps us watch contents of our choice
  • Country-based channels available
  •  Filter options for specified contents

So it is among the best free live TV apps for android

7. Hulu TV app apk

Who doesn’t know about Hulu TV? This is one of the apps that are used for streaming by youngsters as a craze. It gives us the kind of channels we wish to have. One of the best gifts given to us by the global internet family.


Here is the list of good specifications of Hulu TV app

  • Free to download ( a month trial for using)
  • More than 300 channels
  • Thousands of the movies
  • The infinite genre of movies, TV shows
  • For every age of the person
  • Works on every device
  • Very worth installing and using
  • A great app to meet all our needs only by just a click

8.  Thop TV apk

Thop TV is an amazing app for android TV platforms; it gives real time experience of watching many Tv shows on our device just by using a stable internet connection, So it is among the best free live TV apps for android. Plus the key points that should be enlisted here are that it is free, and will always be.


These are the best features that are given by the Thop TV app,

  • 5000 live TV channels
  • A good video quality
  • user-friendly an amazing
  •  A very well-known app
  • 3000 movies to an approximate.

An extra cool feature of Thop TV app

It gives us an extra cool feature which is that it gives us an online Radio option to listen to the radio, So it is among the best free live TV apps for android.

9.  Syncler apk

Sinclair app is also a very good app that has made its place in very short intervals of time. Meanwhile, it is really making fame by providing a very good experience and features to its users.


Best app to install that gives us a very good quality video and variety of genres to satisfy our needs.

  • Thousands of the live TV channels
  • Movies and shows are just a click away
  • Can be used with real debris (Check out our article about real debris as well by this link)
  • Free and accessible
  • Completely ethical and legal to use
  • Very popular and similar KODI, you can review the KODI section to get the instructions

10.  Nova TV apk

Nova TV app Is an amazing app to have on your Android TV, it will give your big screen a very awesome look to have a real-time experience watching worthy shows and live TV channels.


These are the popular features of Nova TV app, that gives us a very good tie installing it

  • The free app that is legal as well
  • Gives us space to watch 1000s of TV channels
  • Works with MX player, and real debris as well
  • Very good video quality of the contents

Final Comments about this article

This article is about having the apps that give a new look to the Android TV, it is giving us one of the apps that help us watching the shows of our choice and the TV shows that we want to watch.

To approximate millions of the contents can be watched, and on an Android TV, it really is a worthy thing to have one of these apps. Even if you don’t have an Android TV, you can buy a fire stick, and then turn your old TV into a type of TV that you can install android apps and have fun watching live TV without paying the monthly subscriptions of the cable operator’s. Just using the internet we can access all of these apps.

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