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list of apps that can replace whatsapp

Whatsapp is no doubt one of the best messaging app that has ever been launched by developers. It is a fun app that has amazing features at the moment that no other app offers, but what’s an app which cannot even secure your messages and data and other things.

Privacy concerns on Whatsapp

Last week Whatsapp updated its policy and it shares that the data on Whatsapp will be used and shared with Facebook so that a better experience can be provided to the users.

A proverb in English says

“If you are not paying for the product, you are the product”

Official Source: WhatsApp Privacy Policy

It means that we are not paying the product to use it nor the product is paying us so that we use them, and it says all correct.

Is it really dangerous to use Whatsapp now?

Well, privacy concerns are obvious and we should take good measures before using a specific app. With over 5 Billion downloads on the google play store and over 3 billion downloads on the app store.

It is one of the most downloaded apps ever. This app provides unlimited features like texts, audio plus video calls, status sharing, and media sharing. But with the new update, we should really be re-thinking that what it means that “sharing the data with Facebook”.

 When we are talking about something on Whatsapp, or about gossip or product, after some days we might see the same product on the news feeds or other social media platforms; because the information is stored and shared with other apps so that they do business very efficiently.

Is my data not encrypted end-to-end?

On Whatsapp, they said that the data like messages and calls are end to end encrypted and no one even Whatsapp can see and track those messages or record the calls, but with the new policy of Whatsapp you might be agreeing to share it with Facebook.

Is switching the only option I am left with?

We can switch from Whatsapp to any other app that provides us with great privacy and secure texts and calls so that we have no privacy concerns.

What should I do about it?

We can switch to other apps that may provide us with more security and end-to-end encryption. Here we give you the list of apps that can be used as the best alternatives to Whatsapp.

Here is the way how to get the Duel WhatsApp in a mobile.

Best alternatives of WhatsApp

Let’s begin with the first app that gives you more secure and private scenario;


screenshots of telegram app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Telegram is one of the best apps that we can think of to replace Whatsapp and be used with great confidence and have a more secure experience.

What other things telegram offer us

Here we can see that what the cool features are that telegram offers us and why should we use this app as an alternative to Whatsapp.

Secure texts and calls

Telegram offers us more secure texts, no one will be seeing your texts and information you share and plus it has great privacy features

Large file sharing

Telegram helps us to share files up to 2 GB, wow! This is not even close to Whatsapp because Whatsapp only allows 100MB of the file.

More private groups and group calls

The group calls are extra secure and no one will be listening to your calls and texts. That means we have more privacy

Add more participants in the video call and groups

Here in a telegram, we can add up to 2000 participants in a group, and in Whatsapp, the limit is 256.            

But telegram offers no status updates

But a drawback of telegram is that it offers no status updates, and hence we cannot show status to several peoples. This is a feature that is expected to be launched and may be available in the near future.


screenshots of signal app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

The signal app is the second on the list and it offers many features and we can use it without any kind of hesitation; it offers us high security of our messages and no one can listen to our calls and can read our messages. Consider as the best WhatsApp alternative because of its unique and reliable features.

This offers very good features and we can download it from the Appstore or the play store. It is the leading app in the market place which can give us full fledges perks of using a messaging app. The most important edge, this is a more secure app as compared to whatsapp.


screenshots of discord app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Discord is another app that offers us great features in terms of privacy, a very good user experience, and easy to use guide and features. We can download the discord app for free. it is one of the most known apps in the market place

It is very popular among the gamers and they use this app while gaming.


screenshots of skype app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Skype is one of the best and the oldest app that can be used as an alternative to Whatsapp. It is the app of my childhood. I remember before the Whatsapp messenger I use to do callings both voice and particularly the video calling on skype.

It offers us many options as we can also use the credit to call anyone around the globe on the phone numbers directly. We can share media files and also many pictures and videos with this.


screenshots of viber app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Viber is a great app that was introduced back in the 20s and it has achieved much fame in the past. We can use the Viber app to text, call, and video calls and it offers us good and efficient privacy.

 No one even the Viber uses our data and shares it with anyone. We can use the cool emojis on the Viber app and it can give us a very good experience of using the app. We can send the stickers on Viber and It is a very cool feature.


screenshots of imo app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Imo is a great alternative to Whatsapp; most of the countries have not even provided Whatsapp allowed in their country like china UAE and Saudi Arabia has banned its citizens to use the app.

There we can use the IMO app and have a lot of features like calling texts, pictures, and video sharing, and group conversations. So it is a great option in place of use of Whatsapp.


screenshots of wechat app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Wechat is a great feature, which is available, I remember that being a kid I used this app and have texts from many people abroad. Here in this app, it can be used to be friends with strangers.

We can send messages in a bottle and throw them in the sea.  Someone will definitely catch up on our message and will reply to us back. This is a cool feature and using this we can make friends from many countries.

Facebook messenger

screenshots of facebook messenger app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Facebook messenger is a great option and for anyone who wants to have Whatsapp like features. With Facebook messenger, we can do texts to all of the friends, we can do audio calls, and also make video calls using this app.

 There is another feature of “story” which is similar to the status feature of Whatsapp. It helps us share our images with the friends we have added the Facebook

Instagram messenger

screenshots of Instagram messenger app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

Instagram messenger is a very well ranked app in terms of messaging. We can do texting to anyone we have added on Instagram. Instagram will be synchronizing the contacts and will e telling us that which of the contacts have used this app. We can add them and start texting them.

There is a special feature of dark mode and also a “Disappearing messages”. This feature helps us to delete the messages automatically after the person has seen them.


screenshots of line app as the alternative of best alternative of whatsapp

The line is a great social messaging app. This app requires us to register with our phone number. After registering with the phone number, we use the upload contacts option; this will tell us that which of our contacts have used the line app.

Text messages and calls are free on this app. We can use the app without any concerns about privacy and security or data leakage.

Final Words

These are the best alternatives of Whatsapp, they have premium features and we can use them to have quality time Messages, audio notes, and voice and video calls using just our Phone numbers or emails. This feature varies from app to app. But all of the apps provide a quality time experience of using them.

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