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The very important problem that mobile users are facing today is battery timing. You will have seen many battery-saving apps in the AppStore as well as on the play store and you will find numerous apps claiming to improve battery health in android. Read before downloading any app.

When you will go to the description there will be clearly written that this app will help you and will increase your battery life and battery timing but there is no such app that actually facilitates you. Battery timing is a big problem for all users. They want long battery timing and they install apps to increase battery life. In fact, paid apps are also available for this but this is only a wastage of time and money.

 In this topic, I will tell you whether this fact is true or not. I will cover all topics like how we can increase our battery life, how battery saver apps really work and is it true or not.

Do Battery Saver apps really work

This is not an easy question to answer. We will go to JASON’s experiments that he has been performing about the battery savers apps. We know that in science when we observe something and want to get a result about something then we perform experiments and then declare a conclusion about that observation.


JASON experimented to demonstrate that the battery savers apps really work. To perform this experiment, he started an experiment with two tablets one with battery-saving apps and the other without battery-saving apps.

He installed many apps on both tablets and after installing many apps on tablets he played games for about half an hour on both tablets and then watched videos for about another half an hour on both tablets. He noticed that the tablet without a battery-saving app has 2 percent more battery than another tab.

Result of demonstration

There is no such app that really works and saves your battery timing or battery life. However, there are many tips to save battery timing and life.

By following that tips your battery consumption will be minimized. Turn off mobile data, close the app, uninstall the app that you are not using, minimize the use of third-party apps, and use low brightness level areas are important tips to reduce battery consumption.

Android Battery Draining Fast Fix Tips

Mobiles on caparison while on battery saving mode on

How to save phone battery? Many apps are there to save battery life and timing but this fact is not true. If you are using an app like Facebook and you see the app saving app advertisement there, don’t tap on it. This is malware and viruses which can damage your phone and it can hack your personal data. So, don’t install it.

Only install such apps that have authentic sources like Play store, app store, Samsung store, etc.  Many apps are saving your life by shutting down all your apps but there is one drawback of these apps.

This app shutdown your recent apps as well as the current app that you are using. You can lose the important data that you are writing or doing at that time. So, the only way to reduce your battery consumption is to follow the tips that I will tell you.

  • The most important tip for decreasing battery consumption is a low brightness level. When you use your Smartphone with a low brightness level there will be low consumption of battery and your battery life increases.
  • Always set the screen timeout 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Then, your screens will turn off sooner and your battery consumption will be diminished.
  • Close your recent apps that you are not using because when you minimize your apps they are working and background and reduce your operating system performance and reduce your battery level. Always close your recent apps from recent buttons.
  • Battery saver is the best option and it is the best mode to save battery life and battery timing. This is a built-in feature in almost all Smartphones. To turn on this mode, simply go to the phone setting then go to device care. You will see the battery saver mode or power mode here. Tap on this to turn it on. Once you turn on this feature your battery consumption will be reduced automatically.
  •  Disable the notification of unwanted files or the file that you are using for entertainment or fan turn off the notification of that app will reduce your battery consumption.
  • If you have a facility of WIFI then use WIFI instead of Mobile data because mobile data requires more battery to function than WIFI. So, turn off mobile data if you have the availability of WIFI.
  • Lite apps are the best alternative to heavy apps like Facebook, Messenger and Twitter have also lite feature apps this app requires low storage to install and consume less mobile data. These apps also reduce battery usage.
  • Disable keyboard sound and vibration. If you are not using the built-in keyboard or another app from the app store then go to that app setting and turn off sound and vibration. Also, disable the keyboard theme. In this way, you can reduce your battery consumption.
  1. Those are not in your use.
  2. Unwanted apps that are not in your use.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and other things like this to reduce your battery usage.

Final Verdicts

How to save battery on android? If you are using the phone with a fixed battery then it’s good but if your phone has a detachable battery then don’t remove the battery frequently because it will reduce your battery timing and battery life.

While using social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, etc. you will have seen many advertisements there. Don’t tap on this because these are third-party apps and don’t have trusted certificates and it can steal your personal information. Be aware of these apps.

If you are following all tips and you are facing a battery problem then use Power Bank. Or Fast charger, and if still facing battery problem your battery condition might be too low.

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