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mobile apps for English vocabulary from basic to expert

Learning is always a productive thing that makes our mind proliferate much better and develops our brain. Here in the world if we want to survive and get a lot of accomplishments then specifically we have to learn the English language.

 It is like a craze among our community that the one who speaks English very good and fluently is though as a very good and educated person. He is most respected in the society and always has most of the opportunities that others do not get. We can think of English as the primary language after the native language of any country.

How can we grow our English vocabulary?

This is a serious problem that how we can enhance our English vocabulary, learning from books is a very difficult thing and not anyone can take up this, like learning from books. But it is really the old-fashioned thing that we are learning still from a book.

Apart from it that I am in favor of learning roam book, but learning using the smartphone is not the best available option for everyone and we can learn very much from it

Here is the list of best app to learn advanced English vocabulary

The best free vocabulary apps that can be used for enhancing the vocabulary, we will be discussing the whole details about them what is their mode of teaching and how can we learn from them.

Top 11 Free apps from developing English vocabulary

Here is the list of best apps for advanced English vocabulary, Simply what you all have to do “Just Install” that’s it! Following apps will provide you all those desired features related to learning or enhancing English vocabulary your are looking for.

1. The British Council

Do you want to learn vocabulary and grammar in one app? Then best app to learn English grammar and the best vocabulary builder app is here for you.

This app is originally given and launched by The British Council for people around the world to learn very easily the English gamer and the vocabulary as well.

What tests and preparation I can do on the app?

We can do several things on the app like:

  • We can take tests
  • Learn new words and grimes
  • Track our progress of each test and then prepare and do again the tests
  • Very friendly and fun app to learn English vocabulary.

2. Kindle Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep
Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep
Developer: Magoosh
Price: Free

This app is specifically for the persons that have owned a kindle Phone. We all know that kindle has been providing its services in the education for several years and this service by the kindle is one of the most commendable services.

What is kindle vocabulary used for

Kindle can be used for learning new words in an interactive manner. We can sue this app and gain a lot of knowledge by using this app.

Just by looking for specific words and then we can learn about the word and learn about it. And use it in our own sentences. Thus everyone will be giving comments after using this app that this is the best vocabulary building app

3. KnowWord

Know Word
Know Word
Developer: Radi
Price: Free

KnowWord another great app if we want to test our knowledge, that we already have learned something. It can be used to test our knowledge and English level proficiency. Consider as the best app for learning English speaking in a very short time.

We can take a test on this app and it is available for both android an apple devices.

Three levels of test on the app

There are levels of tests available on the app that we can use and test our level of English.

  • Novice
  • Hotshot
  • Wizard

These can be set in the app and we can continue to learn and enhance our vocabulary.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free+

Duolingo is the top and best app served for the purpose of learning the English. It mainly gives us the entire criterion for what we are learning a university. Perhaps it is one of the best vocabulary building apps

Features of Duolingo app

These are the features offered by the Duolingo app to the student’s community

  • A fun and addictive app
  • Have real time challengers
  • We can earn virtual coins
  • Have multiple levels on the app to make us curious
  • We can learn very good English using this app

It gives us many words to learn, like the word of the feature and also many other options to stay active on the app.

5. 6,000 Words

It is a very good app that can help you build vocabulary. It is very fun app and the mode of using this app is also very friendly.

The main Topics that we can use in this app are as follows

  • Technology and science
  • Humanity subjects
  • Sports games and other things
  • Geological, business and plays
  • Medical and many more

6. Beelingu

We have already discussed many apps that we can use for improving out Grammar and vocabulary, on the former apps we can take tests to boost up our vocabulary, learn new words, and learn how to memorize them, with the use of the mnemonics and pictures

What is the mode of teaching of this app?

When we use this app we see that this app is used as storytelling. First step is to read the story in the English language and then we can again read or listen to the story in our Native one. It is a very good app for learning in an interactive way

7. HelloTalk

When it comes to learn the English speaking we can think of no other app rather than this app. Which is named HelloTalk? It is indeed the best app for learning English speaking

How this app helps us making our speaking better?

It really sucks that when we don’t have any friend or family member to practice the speaking accent. This app works for us to make out speaking better.

  • It provides us online community for this
  • We get more than 1M members we can do practice with
  • It is a free app
  • Very easy to use and a social app to meet virtually new people

8. Vocabulary .com

Vocabulary - Learn New Words
Vocabulary - Learn New Words
Developer: Monkey Taps
Price: Free+

Vocabulary .com is the best free app that is used to enhance your English vocabulary. It is really helpful to learn vocabulary. We can found several words on vocabulary .com and then we can look up tier synonyms and antonyms and learn what they mean and how are they used in the sentences.

Hence we can also use this feature

We can also use this feature of vocabulary .com and then search a word and afterword’s click on start learning the word. The app will help us memorize the word and helps us use the word in the sentences.

9. Mangoosh

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
Developer: Magoosh
Price: Free

Mangoosh is an app that serves for several purposes

It can be used for

  • SAT
  • English language tests
  • For enhancing the vocabulary and grammar

Mangoosh can be used very efficiently by anyone and we can learn quickly by this app, we can also store the word that we have learned already and use them in our own sentences. It helps us bold our vocabulary very easily. We can also test our skills on this app and also take a test of our vocabulary.

10. Anki or Quizlet

It is a very fun app that can be used by the aspirants of the school students and the kids as well. We can use this app and it helps us learn English in a very good way. It has more than 5000 words in it and can be used for learning English vocabulary and grammar. A great app especially for toddlers, this vocabulary builder app starts from an initial level of English.

You must need to keep an eye on your kids if you handing over the mobile to avoid misuse.

Features of tis app

This app offers great features

  • Available for both android and iOS
  • Free and completely legit
  • Very easy to use and friendly app


Bonus app for you!

Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard
Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard

Do you want an all-in-one package app that can give you a boost in your English writing and vocabulary at the same time? Yes, we are talking about the best app that everyone has nowadays on their computers. This app is named Grammarly. The best app to learn English grammar. Comes in both a free and paid version.

Features of Grammarly app

Here is the list of golden benefits we get from Grammarly app

  • It is available for free (premium can be bought)
  • It is used to have a very unique English language writing
  • We can use this in our articles and take out the mistakes in them
  • It can give us vocabulary boost by pointing out and suggesting very good words
  • We can also check out the best fragments of the sentences and learn from it very efficiently

Final Verdict

So enhancing our English language and vocabulary is never so easy, but if we invest our time and struggle into the right place then we can for sure develop these things

  • Vocabulary
  • English writing
  • English speaking
  • English listening

Apart from using apps, we should always know that we can learn much from a Book because books are the best friends of human beings which cost us nothing but give us many things.

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